Friends and Family Austin TX Real Estate Program

Friends and Family Program

Having assisted thousands of clients over the years with their real estate needs, we've come across a lot of complex challenges that require a complex program. From time to time we will have conversations with a client who wants to put our experienced team to work for them in buying or selling real estate, yet perhaps they feel a loyalty to "another agent." We are then told the other agent is a great friend or family member who just got licensed, or perhaps a friend or family member they've been close to for years and are afraid of jeopardizing a relationship. Many times we've heard something similar to "We know y'all are the best and we want to work with you, but my friend Susie just got her real estate license."

Whatever the case may be, our Friends and Family Program for Greater Austin home buyers and home sellers may be the solution you've been looking for. Our creative program allows you to work with the best, us, while still allowing for some compensation from the purchase or sale to go to your friend or family member. Now that's a win-win-win! The friend or family member feels validated, we have the privilege of working for you, and you get the benefits and results that come from working with our award-winning team!

In the event the scenario involves a newly licensed friend or family member, we even offer to allow them to shadow our process from beginning to end to help them learn the skills and processes needed to serve clients at a high level. Think of it as a paid internship. This is in addition to them earning a portion of the fees paid for our services!

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