Austin TX Buy Before You Sell Program

Secure your next home with cash and avoid the risks of selling first

Until now, you had to sell your current home in order to purchase a new home.  This can lead to rushed decisions, dealing with showings while you live in your home, and unnecessary stress.  Now you have a better option.

Do you want to become a cash buyer by using our funds and you do NOT have a home to sell, our Buy With Cash Program is a great solution.

Austin TX Cash Home Buyer

Buy with certainty

Our funds give you the ability to buy your dream home even if you haven't sold your current home.

Austin TX Buy Before You Sell

Win in a competitive market

Stand out in a multiple offer situation with a cash offer that removes all of the major contingencies.

Austin TX Family Home

Move on your timeline.

Secure your next home first, then take your time selling your current home to maximize your old home's value.

What does it cost?

Austin TX Buy Before You Sell Program Details

A calmer, more convenient way to buy

Here's how it works.

Get approved for an Austin TX Home1. Get approved.

Our financial partner approves you for a specific amount so you can start shopping and be ready to make an offer as soon as the home you want comes on the market.

Cash Offer on Austin Home

2. Make a cash offer

We work with you to make a cash offer on your new home.  Cash offers are three times more likely to beat financed offers and receive 2%-5% discounts even in non-competitive offer situations.

Win the Austin TX Home3. Win the home

The seller accepts your offer, and we work to help finalize the purchase.  You'll have a few tasks to complete, too, including paying your earnest deposit, scheduling an inspection, and signing mortgage disclosures.

Austin Cash Home Buying4. Move into your new home

We close on your home as soon as the title is ready.  You can move in the very next day and rent from our partner until you buy it back.

Austin TX Home Selling Program5. List and sell your old home

We list your existing home and ensure our systems, experience, and marketing result in you selling it for the highest price possible.  

Buy Austin TX Homes With Cash6. Buy back your new home

Once your mortgage is finalized, you'll close on your new home by buying it back.

Getting Started

We'll help you understand how you can have a calmer, more convenient home-buying experience by buying before you sell.  To learn more, simply fill out the form below to speak to a Cain Realty Group agent.

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