Austin Ratings and Rankings

Year after year, Austin has been named one of the best places to live for a multitude of reasons. From the best city for millennials to one of the best cities for successful aging, Austin real estate has been growing in value for its diverse city offerings and creative, forward-thinking culture. Employers have taken notice, too. Austin’s workforce is strengthened by over 100 newcomers per day in the state that’s repeatedly been listed as one of the best places for business - be it a small startup or a large tech biz. The strength of the Austin jobs market has made it one of the best U.S. cities for the future. Not just an economic powerhouse in the U.S., Austin’s jobs market and economic fortitude is making an impact on the global scene, as well.

Whether the motivation for relocating to Austin is to invest in Austin real estate, start an exciting new business venture, or raise a family, Austin is one of the best cities to live and at the best price. Cain Realty Group is eager to help you with your move to one of the best places on earth! And if you’re already living in Austin and thinking of relocating to another area within Austin, contact Cain Realty Group today to find out how we can make your move as easy and rewarding as possible!

Be sure to check out our collection of Austin awards, ratings, rankings and accolades from the past below.  Austin, its housing market, its local economy and its overall allure isn't a recent trend or fad.  Austin has been receiving national and global notoriety for years and will continue to be a favorite for those relocating for years and decades to come.

Austin Accolades and Rankings 2022
Austin Ranked #4 in Best Places to Buy a House

Most buyers think that buying a home in the Greater Austin TX area is an investment that offers great returns. Part of your mortgage payment for your loan and the other portion gives you more ... Read more

Austin Places #1 in Best Taco Cities in the U.S.

Americans love tortilla-wrapped foods, whether traditional Mexican tacos, Tacos de Barbacoa, Tacos de Chorizo, Tacos de Birria, or Tacos Al Pastor, and every city offer its unique contribution.... Read more

Austin Ranked #4 in 15 Best Music Cities in the U.S.

Every music genre—rock, dance, jazz, pop, and country songs played by our favorite and famous musicians, has an essential effect on our body and mind.  Music helps to improve mood, ... Read more

Austin Ranked #15 in 2022 America’s 100 Best Cities

Some people choose to live in a place because of the weather, education, job opportunities and businesses to start, many exciting things to do there, a great place to live, and an excellent place to ... Read more

Austin Places #4 in the 50 Best Cities for Food Trucks in America

One of the most challenging decisions when you go out with your friends, relatives, or significant other, is where to eat and what to eat, with so many great options in the city. Metro areas in the ... Read more

Austin Hits #1 in 2022 Best Cities for Singles

Career passion, traveling, enjoying life, looking for love, and being open to new opportunities and changes - are some life goals that want to accomplish by many singles.   According to ... Read more

Austin Ranked #2 in America's Best BBQ Cities

In America, barbecue is not just a style of cooking, it's one of the most traditional foods that bring the family together and socialize with friends and relatives.  There are so many Cities in ... Read more

Austin is one of the 6 STEM Leaders in the U.S.

STEM workers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) play an essential role in the U.S. Economy. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projected that employment in STEM occupations ... Read more

Austin Ranked #3 in Top Southwest Markets for Industrial Construction

Austin sustained performance and has a significant impact on the industrial construction market. Even Amazon is pausing development plans indefinitely for a distribution center. According to ... Read more

Austin Listed #6 among Large Metros in the U.S. for Best Business Climate

According to Business Facilities' 2022 Metro Rankings Report, metro areas in the U.S. (small, mid-sized, and large metros) continuously attract business from different sectors.  Most of these ... Read more

Austin Ranked #9 with an Estimated Average Annual Growth in U.S. Metro Area Economies

Notably, the U.S. economy recovered fast from the recession caused by the pandemic.  The contribution of the metropolitan areas to income and economic growth increased in the year 2021.  ... Read more

Austin Ranks #1 in the U.S. Large Metros with the Most Innovative Workers

According to experts, innovation in the modern economy can contribute to economic growth, high productivity of products and services, greater output, improved efficiency, and raised citizens' ... Read more

Austin Ranked #1 in the Top 10 Metros in the U.S. for Sustainability

Sustainability in the housing industry applies to protect our environment through energy-efficient practices and products, reliability, less maintenance and greater satisfaction.   In this ... Read more

Austin Landed #1 in the Top 10 U.S. Metros in Homebuilding

Sun Belt metros are popular destinations for building new homes - single-family and multifamily properties.  They were U.S. migration hotspots for homebuyers because of the affordability, warm ... Read more

Austin is in Top 20 U.S. Metros for Life Sciences Research Talent

The Covid-19 pandemic is not a short-term crisis, the life sciences industry works tirelessly and manages to develop and manufacture vaccines to treat patients affected by this virus. Planning, ... Read more

Austin is #3 Largest Growing Tech Talent Pool in the U.S.

The demand for tech jobs is high due to evolving and growing technology worldwide. And the sector offers many opportunities for tech talents, such as high-paying salaries, decent working ... Read more

Austin is in the Top 20 Markets for Creative, Technical and Professional Services

The Independent workforce continues to increase in demand for the services offered. In the past two years since the global Covid-19 pandemic started, independent professionals have been ... Read more

Austin Made it on #3 Spot in Top 20 U.S. Cities with The Largest Share of New Homes for Sale

Some homeowners say that buying new-build housing is more practical than the older homes, it is low-cost maintenance, the convenience of move-in-ready, a home design to fit your style, and fewer ... Read more

University of Texas Landed #1 in the Top Public Universities

Deciding which university to take up a bachelor’s degree is a bit challenging for many students.  They wanted to have the best for the quality of education, campus life and culture, ... Read more

Austin Listed #2 for Best Parks in Texas

Homeowners view parks as a desirable amenity. It contributes to community identity, improves the health and wellness of the residents, encourages activity for kids, and enhances the quality of life.... Read more

University of Texas in Austin Ranked #8 in 2022 Best Colleges for Business in America

Austin is one of the best large cities in America to start a business, fulfilling the dream of being the boss and financial freedom are factors to consider by many.  Deciding to go to business ... Read more

Austin Listed #5 for 2022 Top U.S. Restaurants

Americans love to find great places and affordable spots where they can enjoy a tasty meal.  Dining indoors, ordering take out, getting a delivery, whatever it is as long as they found a ... Read more

Austin Landed in 11th Spot for 2022’s Best Large Cities to Start a Business

Owning a business is the American dream fulfillment.  Having the freedom to start and pursue their passion symbolizes financial success and independence.  But starting a business is not ... Read more

Austin Places #2 in 2022 Housing Wealth Gains for Middle Class Markets

According to the Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer Finance, “Homeownership is the primary source of wealth creation among families and results in many economic and societal benefits. ... Read more

Austin Ranked 2nd in 2022 Best Performing Cities

Cities in the U.S. continue to manage economic growth and competitive in the global economy.  Key locations where businesses create new jobs and workers earn higher wages.   In the ... Read more

Austin Ranks #1 in Best Housing Markets for Growth and Stability

According to Freddie Mac, "Home prices shot up an average of roughly 17% during 2021 and continued to rise during the first month of this year. This spike has led some researchers to hypothesize that ... Read more

Austin Hits the 3rd Spot in 2022 Best Places to Live

Relocating is one of the most significant experiences and life-changing decisions a person can make, and there are many factors to consider in searching for a new potential home.  Whatever the ... Read more

Austin Recognized As One Of The Happiest Places To Live In The U.S.

In the past two years, many people suffered from psychological impacts such as anxiety, feeling stressed or angry about the situation caused by the COVID-19. So it is essential to boost their ... Read more

Austin is in Top50 Best Paying Cities For Software Engineers

Austin attracted professionals because of the large tech firms like Dell Technologies and Advanced Micro Devices Inc that have had operations in the area for years.  And many valuable companies ... Read more

Austin Landed in 11th Spot in the Most Impressive Real Estate Transformation

Real estate in the U.S. is developing gradually, and every major metro city has seen its contribution to success in the past ten years.  The report showed that 2021 was one of the most ... Read more

Austin Ranked #8 in 2022's Hardest-Working Cities in America

Hard work is an American value that has been exceptionally important and views as a ticket to success and achieving their dream.   Americans work so hard by putting more hours on their jobs, with an ... Read more

Austin Places #1 in CrowdStreet's Best Places to Invest Report

Austin continues to have a substantial population and long-standing status as a relocation destination of choice because of the Silicon Valley businesses, vibrant cultural offerings, tech sector job ... Read more

Austin Ranked #1 State Capital For Safety

Moving to a new and better home can be exciting.  Many people desire to move and live in the state capital for many advantages such as employment opportunities, schools, quality of life, ... Read more

Austin Listed as the Best Place to Invest in 2022

The 2021 housing market was not in the buyer's favor, inflated home values, interest rates, shortages of materials, and labor due to the COVID-19 pandemic.   Housing markets are expecting ... Read more

Austin Is #1 In 2022 Housing Market For Millennials

Home buying platform Knock collected data for the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. related to affordability, availability of homes, and critical attributes at each stage of life. Austin ... Read more

Austin Places 5th In 2022 Best Cities For Jobs Study

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated in the most recent jobs report that the national unemployment rate in 2021 is 4.2%, compared to 14.7% in 2020. And according to experts, the employment ... Read more

Austin Ranked 7th For Startups and Venture Capital Report in 2021

Startups and venture capital showed many investment rounds and promising signs for aspiring entrepreneurs in the past year. As stated in the report, it was more than 4,000 first funding rounds ... Read more

Austin Places 10th In The Best Cities To Drive Study

Driving your car can make your life easier. Your many daily activities will be much more manageable than riding in public transportation, especially those with busy schedules. You have the privilege ... Read more