Austin Accolades & Rankings 2019
Best Tech Cities: Austin Ranked #1

Long gone are the days of having to move out to sunny California for the technology job of your dreams. Major tech companies are branching out into cities with a better cost of living, a desirable ... Read more

Best College Cities: Austin Takes The Top Spot

When nearing high school graduation, the responsibilities and decisions that need to be completed and made before making the final commitment to a college can be daunting. The campus visit is one of ... Read more

Best Cities To Celebrate NYE 2019: Austin Ranked In Top 30

2019 Update: Austin moved up 5 spots! The capital city is now rank 23rd out of the 100 biggest cities that are the best to celebrate #NYE2020 Where will you be celebrating around town?  Full ... Read more

Best Small Cities: Austin Suburb Ranks #10

With all of the attention Austin has been getting, it is no surprise that the suburbs are starting to show up on the national radar. A recent ranking compared over 1,200 U.S. cities that had a ... Read more

Top Cities for Technology: Austin Ranked in Top 10

The importance of technology in our daily lives is undeniable. This is due to the fact that in today’s dynamic world, life without technology is incredibly challenging. We cannot deny the fact that ... Read more

Best Cities For Real Estate: Austin Ranked #1

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, in August of 2019, there were 713,000 single-family homes sold in the United States. People are looking to upgrade to newer homes ... Read more

Best Places to Retire - Top 100

When comparing cities that are the best for settling down into retirement, there are many factors to consider. Two of the most important are cost of living and quality of life. U.S. News and World ... Read more

Should You Start Your Business in Austin? Best and Worst Cities Ranked

When dreaming of starting your own business, there are numerous things you must consider. What product or service am I selling? How will I market my product? Who is my target client? The list goes ... Read more

Smartest Cities in the US: Austin Ranked #9

They say, we are the company we keep. A recent study ranked the most educated cities in the country. Out of the 150 cities included in the ranking, Austin topped the list at #9. Not only is our ... Read more

Top 5 Cities to Start a Career: Austin Ranked #5

When looking for a place to start a career, it is common to think that the largest US cities will have the most opportunity. Cities like Los Angelos, San Francisco and New York City have shown up ... Read more

Best Large City To Buy A Home: Austin Ranked #1

It is no secret that Austin's real estate marketing is booming and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. According to a recent ranking, our city is the #1 housing market in a large ... Read more

Cities With The Most $100k+ Jobs: Austin Ranked #13

There are many rankings created for best cities to work or the best cities to find a job. Recently, a new ranking compared major cities to compile a list of the 15 cities with the most $100k jobs. ... Read more

U.S. News Ranks Best Places to Live — and Austin is No. 1

For the third year in a row, Austin tops the annual report conducted by U.S. News.  Every year, this in-depth report analyzes several factors, such as quality of life, the job market and housing ... Read more

Austin is one of the 15 Happiest Cities in America

What factors contribute to your happiness? In a study recently done by Wallethub, Austin ranked #14 on list of happiest cities in America! Especially with the nice weather approaching, it’s easy to ... Read more

Austin Ranks #3 on list of the Life Sciences Industry’s Next Hot Spots

According to a study done by CBRE Austin ranks #3 on list of markets emerging in the life sciences industry next hot spots. The life sciences revolution is occurring at a rapid pace. Ranked on the ... Read more

Austin Ranked One of the Hardest Working Cities in America

Being successful doesn’t come easy. You must work hard to see the results you want. Unless you win the lottery, you’ll never be successful being lazy. Austin ranked one of the hardest ... Read more

Austin on List of North America's 10 Most Romantic Cities

Are you and a special someone looking to get away for a romantic getaway? Austin was recently listed as the 4th most romantic city in North America. When looking for a vacation spot people have many ... Read more

Austin Named the Best State Capital to Live in!

Austin is named the best state capital to live in according to a study done by WalletHub! Austin was at the top of the charts on all four methods. Ranked 12th in affordability, ranked 1st in economic ... Read more

Austin Ranks #1 as The Smartest City by AT&T!

Austin ranked #1 on AT&T’s list of smartest cities in Texas. The methodology was based on 3 major factors of Connectivity, Transportation, and Green Infrastructure. Austin ranks #1 in ... Read more

Best Wine Regions In The US: Austin (Texas Hill Country) Ranked #6

The Texas Hill Country region is one of the most beautiful destinations around our city. Day trips to the 9 million-acre region are a stable for any resident or tourist in our city. Due to the dry, ... Read more

Austin Tops Milken Institute’s Annual Ranking of Best-Performing Cities

Austin tops Milken Institute's annual ranking of best-performing cities. We all know that Austin is growing. Tech industry is BOOMING and Austin has been doing their best to keep up with the influx ... Read more

Southeast Austin Makes List of Hottest Neighborhoods Taking Off in 2019

Don’t you wish you were ahead of the real estate game? Southeast Austin makes Trulia's list of hottest neighborhoods taking off in 2019! Southeast Austin has ample space and land for large ... Read more

Austin is One of the Healthiest Cities in America!

Location matters when it comes to health. Some places promote wellness by expanding access to nutritious food and recreational facilities. Others strive to keep healthcare costs affordable for ... Read more

Austin Ranks #1 Best City for Dating

Are you single and ready to mingle? Dating at any age can be incredibly intimidating. If you are single and live in Austin, you’re starting in the right place. In a recent study done by ... Read more

Austin Takes 2 Spots on List of the Top 15 Music Festivals in 2019

Do you love live music? Music festivals? If you answered yes, then Austin is the place for you. In a recent study done by festicket Austin has TWO music festivals that made the list of the top 15 ... Read more

Austin Ranked #4 on List of Best Metro Areas for STEM Professionals

Do you work in STEM cell research? If not, you might actually consider going back to school for a few years- According to the latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics analysis, STEM — ... Read more

Bloomberg Names Austin as a Winner in Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge

Mike Bloomberg recently named Austin as a winner in Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge. The Climate Challenge is designed to deliver on America’s Pledge and help keep the United States ... Read more

Austin Ranks #1 on List of The World’s Top 10 Beer Destinations for 2019

Who doesn’t love beer, food, and fun? In a study done by Vine Pair, Austin Ranked #1 on List of The World’s Top 10 Beer Destinations for 2019. The cities that made the list of top ten ... Read more

Best Performing Cities: Austin Ranked #3

In a recent study comparing the economic performances of major cities, Austin was ranked as the No. 3 best performing city. The number is a large improvement from the No. 9 spot the city earned last ... Read more

Best Cities For Beer Connoisseurs: Austin Ranked #1

This may be a surprise to some, but our awesome city is actually the craft brewery capital of Texas. Austin is known internationally for brewers like Live Oak, Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company, and ... Read more