Austin Accolades & Rankings 2018
Austin on List of 14 Cities That Give You FOMO

Have you ever heard of the phrase “FOMO”? If you have been hanging out with the millennial crowd, then you probably heard the phrase thrown around. If you haven’t heard this word ... Read more

Austin Ranked #2 on a List of the 10 Fastest Growing Airports in the U.S.

In a study done by Upgraded Points Austin ranked #2 on a list of the 10 Fastest Growing Airports in the U.S. With a growth rate of +62.92%, Austin Bergstrom International Airport is growing, but ... Read more

Austin Ranks #16 on List of the Most Relaxing Cities for a Vacation

Ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? Going on trips is fun filled with experiences, food, travel and more. Unfortunately, this usually leaves you feeling even more tired than before ... Read more

Austin & Round Rock are among the 20 Fastest Growing Cities in America and Austin is the fastest growing large city in ranking based on 15 demographic and economic measures.

According to a study done by Wallet Hub, Austin and Round Rock were in the top 20 on a list of the fastest growing large city in ranking. Wallet Hub used 15 different metrics when determining the top ... Read more

Austin Ranked #1 on List of Best Block Party Cities

BBQ, games, slip n slides, and sunshine are key components to a great block party. In a study done by Best Places, Austin was ranked #1 on a list of Best Block Party Places! Austin has amazing ... Read more

Austin Listed as One of The Greenest Cities in America

Nearly three in four Americans believe that the country should do whatever it takes to protect the environment. Living “green” means choosing to engage in in cleaner, more sustainable ... Read more

Best Growth States According to U-Haul

According to U-Haul, a well-known moving equipment and storage company, things truly are bigger in Texas. Every year the company ranks states based on the volume of U-Haul trucks pulling into and ... Read more

Austin named Best College Town & City in America

Austin is a great city for all ages, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained. In a study done recently by Wallet Hub Austin named Best College Town & City in America! Did you know ... Read more

Austin was Named the Best City to Start a Business

Did you know that Austin was named THE BEST city to start a business? Austin tends to attract a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. There is the University of Texas, live music, reasonable ... Read more

Austin Placed 8th on List of the Safest Metro Cities in America

Moving to a big city can be frightening, there are many unknown people and greater opportunity for crime. In a recent study done by safewise, Austin placed 8th on a list of the safest metro cities in ... Read more

Austin Makes the Top Ten List for “Best Foodie City in America”

Unless you have been living under a rock the last few years, you have probably heard the term “Foodie” in conversations or on the internet. From rainbow bagels to sushi burritos, I am ... Read more

Best Cities to Celebrate New Year's: Austin Ranks In Top 30

New Year’s Eve is one of the greatest celebrations across the world. We are all counting down to welcome the new prosperous year. To celebrate, some travel to major cities for a ball drop, ... Read more

Austin Named Best City to Live in America Right Now

According to a study done by Money Magazine Austin is the best city to live in right now! Out of a list of the top ten, Austin was named THE best place to live at the number 1 spot on the list. If ... Read more

Austin Ranked in Top 15 on List of Most Fun Cities in America

It’s hard not to have a good time when you’re in Austin; live music on every corner, music festivals, amazing food and all the outdoor activities you can think of. Recently, Austin was ... Read more

Austin Listed as Largest Boomtown in America

It’s no secret that Austin is growing like crazy. According to a recent study done by Magnify Money,  Austin, Texas was named the largest boomtown in America! Scoring in the top percentile ... Read more

Best Cities For A Conference: Austin Ranks #4

As a country, we attend an incredible amount of conferences. "According to the most recent data from forecasting company Oxford Economics, there are 1.9 million conventions, trade shows and meetings ... Read more

Best Cities For Renters: Austin Ranked #3

A study published this month ranked the best cities for renters. While the study found that the "average renting household spends 29.9% of its income on rent," Austin is actually a relatively ... Read more

Austin Ranked #4 on a List of Most Pet-Friendly Cities in America

Have a friend covered in fur, feathers, or scales? Austin recently ranked #4 on a list of most pet-friendly cities in America! There are nearly 85 million households in the US that own a pet. The pet ... Read more

Austin Is Named One Of The Top 10 Places To Retire In The U.S.

There are a lot of things to consider when thinking of retiring.  In addition to wondering when is the perfect time or what you will do once you retire, what may be the most important thing to ... Read more

Austin Ranks #3 Best Performing Economy in U.S. Metros

The source of America's prosperity is its big cities and the Business Insider recently ranked Austin, TX as the third best performing economy of all U.S. Metros.  The study also shows steady ... Read more

Best Big Cities: Austin Ranked #3

We all have heard that saying - Home is where the heart is. There are many important factors to consider when looking for the perfect location that we want to settle down in. When deciding on a home ... Read more

Austin Earns Spot on List of Best Places to get Married

Planning a wedding is no simple task, and most take months and even years to plan. It is the reason more couples hire a professional to do all the heavy lifting. Tying the knot is a huge commitment ... Read more

Austin Earns Spot on List of the Most Diverse Cities in the U.S

As America continues to grow, so does the amount of diversity in the Great Land of the Free! The 'great American melting pot' continues to diversify, bringing fresh perspectives, skills, and ... Read more

Best Cities In The Information Age: Austin Ranked #4

Austin, Texas has been ranked No. 4 on the list of cities that are thriving in the Information-Age. Many consider Austin the top competition for the Bay Area and Seatle in terms of ... Read more

Austin Makes List of Healthiest Cities in America

Location definitely matters when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, and WalletHub's recent study shows that some cities promote healthy living and make it much easier to maintain a healthy ... Read more

Best Cities In The World For Millennials: Austin Ranked #14

Known for their lust for travel, independence, and entrepreneurial focus, millennials are no stranger to packing up all of their belongings and moving from city to city in search of the perfect ... Read more

Austin Awarded #1 Best Place to Live

The U.S. News and World Report have named Austin the #1 Best Place to Live in the United States for the second year in a row. While this doesn't come as any shock, we are extremely excited to share ... Read more

Austin #2 Fastest Job Growth in U.S

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their final 2017 metro area job statistics recently and Austinites were not surprised! Austin has been ranked the #2 fastest city for job growth in 2017, by ... Read more

Best Cities To Raise A Family: Austin Ranked #6

We face many decisions when deciding when and where to raise our families. Luckily, a recent study made this a bit easier for us all. Smartasset ranked the best cities to raise a family. Texas took ... Read more

Austin Makes List of Happiest Cities in the U.S

It's no secret, Austin is full of amazing people who love spreading goodness, and now WalletHub has confirmed it as one of the happiest cities in the U.S! WalletHub drew upon the various ... Read more

Hardest Working Cities: Austin Ranked #26

Success doesn’t happen overnight or by chance - hard work is the first step! This means, putting forth all of our effort, remaining focused, having patience, and trusting the process towards the ... Read more

Best Cities for New Beginnings - Top 25

New beginnings come in different shapes and sizes—no one’s journey is the same. Although it can be scary, don’t forget how exciting and full of possibility they are! It gives us a chance to let go ... Read more

Austin Makes List of Best Places to Live with an Active Lifestyle

WalletHub compared the 100 biggest U.S. cities based on 34 key indicators of an active lifestyle. Take a look at their data set that ranges from average monthly fitness-club fee to bike score to ... Read more

Austin #6 Best Metro Area for STEM professionals

WalletHub evaluated metro areas on 17 metrics that they divided into two categories: Professional Opportunities and a STEM-Friendly Environment. The metrics were weighted with the Professional ... Read more

Austin Makes List of Hottest Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2018

When choosing where to move next, it is important to consider a wide array of factors like work, family, and the start of a brand new chapter. Purchasing a new home is probably the biggest ... Read more