Austin Accolades & Rankings 2016
Austin Makes it to List of Cities Where People are Moving into Fastest

A recently published article by Abodo lists Austin as one of the top metropolitan areas where people are moving into the fastest. The study of the moving trends in the top 10 cities included in the ... Read more

Austin Listed as #1 City to Raise a Family in America

Austin is a great place for young families according to a study done by Value Penguin. The factors that contributed to Austin’s #1 spot on the list were divorce rate, public education, safety, ... Read more

America's Next Great Metropolis Is Taking Shape In Texas

If you drive south from Dallas, or west from Houston, a subtle shift takes place. The monotonous, flat prairie that dominates much of Texas gives way to a landscape that rises and ebbs. The ... Read more

Millennials Make Austin's 78749 One of U.S.' Hottest Zip Codes

Millennials are a powerful force that dictate on current housing markets, thanks to their fast-rising numbers and growing purchasing power. Because of this, real estate analysts find it valuable to ... Read more

Austin Makes it to List of Most Fun Cities in the U.S.

Everyone wants to live in a happy place, so this could be the reason why Wallethub compiled a list of the most fun cities in the United States. Using 51 metrics, including number of fitness centers ... Read more

Austin Makes it to List of Hottest Zip Codes for Millennials

The U.S. housing market is largely driven by the growing purchasing power of millennials. Therefore, their choice of residence consequently indicates an area of growth and prosperity, as the places ... Read more

Austin Ranked #6 on a List of the Top 25 Best Cities for Jobs

Want love where you work? In a study done by Glassdoor, Austin was ranked #6 on a list of the top 25 best cities for jobs! There are currently over 45,000 jobs available in Austin, Texas. The median ... Read more

Austin Makes it to List of Best Cities for Prospecting

A University of Utah research team identified 10 cities in the U.S. where prospecting efforts may best pay off for business owners and professionals in need of investors, and Austin is one of them. ... Read more

Travel + Leisure Ranks Austin as 9th Best City in the U.S.

Austin did it again! The latest accolade for Texas' capital is its ranking from Travel + Leisure as the "9th best city in the U.S." for T+L's World's Best Awards Readers Survey. The beloved Southern ... Read more

Top 10 Cities Where Millennials are Living Alone

A recent report compiled by Zillow identifies the top U.S. cities where millennials are currently living alone. The significance of this data lies in the growing purchasing power of millennials ... Read more

The New Hot Spots Where Americans Are Moving Right Now

A recent study conducted by Realtor® reveals that Austin is one of the top U.S. cities where Americans are moving. Using three data sets from the Census Bureau for migration data from 2009-2013, ... Read more

Austin Makes it to Top 10 List of Mobile-Friendly U.S. Cities

A recent NerdWallet Inc. report includes Austin in it's list of most mobile-friendly U.S. cities. Analyzing data from the country's 50 most populous cities, NerdWallet examined carrier network ... Read more

Survey Points to Austin as Best U.S. City to Launch a Tech Startup

Pennsylvania-based Sungard Availability Services Capital Inc. ranked the city of Austin as the best U.S. city for launching a technology startup in its latest survey. The Texan capital was ranked ... Read more

Glassdoor Reports Austin is Among Top Cities Where You Can Land Your Dream Job

A recent survey by Glassdoor ranks Austin, Texas among the best city for jobs. Turns out millennials are heading to the right city in the south. Out of 25 cities in the U.S., Austin made it to the ... Read more

Austin Makes it to List of Best Cities for Urban Nature Lovers

Eighty percent of Americans live in its urban cities. Who can blame them? Living in the city makes everything within reach. And in spite of the rising living costs, people prefer living in cities ... Read more

Top Canine-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

A recent survey by the American Pet Products Association reveals that 54.5 million American households (or 44% of the total American population) owns at least one dog. And looking at the the ... Read more

Austin: The Latest 'In' City for Success-Driven Millennials

You're fresh out of university and you have three things in mind: pay off your student loans FAST, get a great job (that would help you pay off the loan quicker), and buy a home. Admit it-- being ... Read more

Austin Makes it to List of Top 10 U.S. Cities for Jobs

  Austin lands the sixth spot in the "Top Ten U.S. Cities for Jobs" list by Glassdoor. With an emphasis on tech jobs as some of the most in-demand jobs of the year, San Jose, California lands ... Read more

Metro or Suburb: Where Millennials are Buying Homes

In a SmartAsset study published this May, there are interesting findings that give insight on recent millennial buying trends and their choice of location when making a real estate investment. ... Read more

Austin Among Top U.S. Cities with Fast-Rising Home Values

An article published by The Washington Post and featured by Realtor® identifies the top U.S. cities with the fastest rising home values. Here are the hottest zip codes where home prices have seen ... Read more

NOT A SCAM: Where to Invest Your Money with the Most Promising Returns

A recent Gallup Poll involving 1,000 adults in the United States gave interesting insight on what modern-day Americans perceive as the best long-term investment. Real estate has been the top choice ... Read more

Austin is the 5th Housing Market Choice of Millennials

The millennials are truly a surprising driving force of the U.S. economy. In fact, it’s hard to believe that the youngsters who used to worry only about fashion, dating, and going to concerts ... Read more

Top U.S. Cities for Saving Money

Ever heard of the saying “everything’s bigger in Texas”? Apparently, the popular saying is applicable to the saving accounts of Texans, too. ranked the 100 ... Read more

Austin Ranked in the Top Ten Cities with Highest Percentage of Homes in Positive Equity Territory

Do you know your home’s equity level? Recently in a study done by The Home Story, Austin ranked in the top ten cities with highest percentage of homes in positive equity territory. What makes a ... Read more

University of Texas-Austin One of Best Value Colleges in the South -Forbes

Yesterday, we shared a post about how Austin made it to the top of Forbes’ 2016 list of fastest-growing cities in the U.S. Today, we are going to deviate from the standard genre of info bits to ... Read more

Austin is Fastest Growing City in the U.S. -Forbes

A new analysis by lists Austin as the fastest growing U.S. city in 2016, regaining the spot it lost to Houston last year. Aside from the alluring beauty of the cityscape and its natural ... Read more

Austin is 2nd Best Place to Live in the U.S. – New U.S. News & World Report Ranking

The U.S. News & World Report ranks Austin TX as the second-best place to live in the U.S. Based on data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau and other federal agencies, the agency best known for ... Read more

Austin Makes it to the Top Markets List for Single-Family Rentals

Here’s proof that investing in single-family rentals is a wise financial investment that can help you achieve your goals; the projection of online real estate investment firm Home Union ... Read more

165 Years of Home Architecture in Austin

Austin's real estate is ever-moving forward-- pointing potential buyers to new homes and development projects. It's no wonder that Austin is always included in the list of real estate industry ... Read more

Austin Named Best State Capital in the U.S.

Here’s another accolade for Austinites to celebrate: a recent study by WalletHub concluded that Austin, Texas is the Best State Capital in the United States for 2016. The study, comparing 50 ... Read more

Top 10 Places to Be a Real Estate Agent

A recent study by WalletHub reveals that a realtor’s success in the real estate business is heavily dependent on location. Comparing 150 metropolitan areas across 13 key metrics such as sales ... Read more

Austin’s Kimber Modern Earns Global Praise from Luxury Lodging Website

Austin’s Kimber Modern made it to the “Perfect 20” list of, a website that promotes luxury brands across the globe. The exclusive online travel company’s ... Read more

Austin: Best City for Young Families in the U.S.

Are you planning on having kids soon? Or, do you already have a few active juniors and are now looking for the perfect place to raise them in? You might want to look into living in Austin, as it has ... Read more

Austin: The NEW Superlative Economy of the U.S.

It’s OFFICIAL: Forbes reports that Austin has become “the nation’s superlative economy over the past decade.” This may come as big news to those who are expecting the title ... Read more

2015 a Record-breaking Year for Home Sales in Austin

2015 is a very special time for realtors as the Austin Board of Realtors reported the highest number of single-family home sales ever recorded in a year. With 29,068 transactions for 2015 and a total ... Read more

Austin ranked #1 on a list of cities most likely to boom over the next 10 years

According to a study done by Forbes, Austin was ranked #1 on a list of cities most likely to boom over the next 10 years. In fact, Texas as a whole, made up of half of the list. It’s no secret ... Read more

Austin Population may Reach 3 Million Sooner than Expected

The summer of 2015 was a very remarkable time for Austin. After all, it’s not every day that a city’s population would pass the 2 million mark. With the incredible progress shown by the ... Read more