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Ricky and KodiKay began their journey into real estate in 2006.  Since 2009, no less than 64% of their business year after year has come by way of referral.  Our number one priority when working with buyers and sellers is to develop a relationship, one in which we provide value for well after a transaction has been completed and one where our clients are excited to review us and refer us.

Below is a form where you can send us a referral, and once it is received, we will reach out to you and your referral ASAP.  With any referrals we receive, it's our duty and obligation to ensure we make the person that sent the referral look like a rockstar for referring us.  We understand that when you send a referral, your name is on the line just as ours is, and we don't take that lightly.  Thank you in advance for your trust.

Prefer to call us instead and talk through your referral?  Please give us a call at 512-982-6136.  We'd love to discuss how we can create a Five Star Experience for your referral!