We Would Love To Earn Your Trust And Referrals

We understand that it's your name on the line when you recommend an agent to your precious referral.  Every member of our team understands this, and we are all committed to ensuring your referral receives world-class service from beginning to end.  As a matter of fact, every team member both on the administrative and sales side is routinely enrolled in MAPS Coaching programs in order to always improve their skill set. Whether it's a buyer needing to relocate and become educated on the Austin area, or a seller looking to sell their home and make a move, your referral will thank you a million times over for referring our team.

Cain Realty Group's BIG Why

We actually have a few that drive us day in and day out.  These all push us and allow us to recharge our batteries after a long day.  They are behind every action we take.  Here they are...

  • Ensuring our clients feel like they are our only client, while also being treated like a member of our family
  • Helping our buyers understand the statistics and potential resale value of the areas they are considering so that they are making a wise investment
  • Helping our sellers to maximize their return to ensure they place the most amount of money into their pocket. That way if life happens, they have more money to go towards a life event than they would have if they had worked with someone else.
  • Funding our non-profit, Cain Cares, so that we can support our clients and their family when they experience a severe time of need. 

Learn More About Cain Cares

Cain Realty Group MVVBP

Cain Realty Group’s mission is to provide world-class home buying and home selling services to our clients by utilizing our state-of-the-art systems, our years of experience and training, and our commitment to always act in our clients’ best interest.

Our vision is to cultivate and sustain a team of professional, passionate and purposeful individuals who together are willing to work as a cohesive team in order to preserve our reputation as being a place everyone wants to work at and a team everyone wants to work with.

“God, Family, then Business”
Every action we take reflects these core values and in this order.

We believe in the power of personal development and that our business only grows to the extent we do.  We believe to continually aim to look in before we look out.  Through selfless acts and honorable character, we strive to make an everlasting impact on the dreams, goals and visions of those we do business with and those that we are in business with.

We are a company whose culture is based on high productivity and accountability.  We are a place where high-minded professionals gather together to support each other and achieve more together than one can achieve themselves.  We believe that ultimate success is found through others.  We are a business that continually seeks to improve upon the standards while setting an example for other real estate companies to follow.

Cain Realty Group is a group that consistently demonstrates leadership and unparalleled systems and service among the real estate community.

Cain Realty Group Testimonials

What our clients are saying

Home Selling Testimonial
We thoroughly enjoyed serving the Webb family in selling their beautiful home at a great price in Travis Country!
First Time Home Buying Buying Testimonial
Don and Meghan were a delight to work with in assisting them on their first home purchase in Travis Country!
Home Selling and Buying Testimonial
We had the pleasure of assisting Evelyn in selling her South Austin home and then helped her to buy a condo in South Austin at the same time!
Home Selling Testimonial
Our team had the opportunity to serve Leovarda in selling her home, and we are thankful to have met her through a referral from another agent!
Home Selling and Buying Testimonial
We've had the pleasure of working with Steven and Lara four times now. Most recently in selling their Travis Country home and buying another one within Travis Country!
Home Buying and Selling Testimonial
We've worked with Travis and Anastasia twice now in helping them buy their first home and selling it for a great profit a few years later!
Home Selling Testimonial
After meeting with a few agents, we were able to earn Derek and Stacy's trust and sold their home quickly and for top dollar!
Home Buying Testimonial
We've had the pleasure of working with Doug now on three transactions throughout Austin and Cedar Park!
Home Selling Testimonial
We were blessed to have served Ann and her family in fixing up her Travis Country home and then selling it for above market value!
First Time Home Buying Referral
Andrew and Hannah were referred to us by their father, and we were able to find them a great fixer upper in Central Austin!
Home Selling and Buying Testimonial
We were blessed to serve Guy and Leah in selling Leah's late mother's home, as well as helping them to find an amazing home near Lake Travis!
Home Selling Testimonial
After meeting with several agents, Tazia hired us to sell her condo. Since then, we've helped her to sell another home and buy another in South Austin!
Home Selling Testimonial
Our past clients referred their parents to us, Stephen and Barbara, and we were able to sell their amazing home in record time!
Home Selling Testimonial
Timothy and Rhonda were listed with another Realtor for 109 days and were unable to sell their home in Pflugerville, Texas. Cain Realty Group took over the listing and was able to sell their home for more than what they were originally listed for!
Home Selling Testimonial
We were pleased to serve Gregory and Leslie Mann with their East Austin home. Within just a few days on the market, Cain Realty Group was able to get Gregory and Leslie multiple offers on their property!
You took care of us. You didn't let us buy a house right away that would have been a mistake in the long run. You stuck with us even when the offers weren't working out and when we were being picky about what we wanted. Our price range was hard to work with, and you got us an amazing deal on a house! Thanks!
Travis and Anastasia Sullinger
Ricky helped us tremendously when looking for and buying our first home. He took all of the stress out of the situation which we were extremely grateful for because we had no idea what we were doing. Ricky is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to buying and selling houses. When looking at houses he would point out the pros and the cons of the houses instead of just pushing the good things to try and make a sale. This was very helpful because there were many things we did not catch that he did. Ricky and KodiKay were compassionate, helpful, and honest. Next time we need a realtor we are definitely calling Ricky Cain! I would refer him to anyone who is looking for the best realtor in Austin! We love our new house! Thanks Ricky!
Brandon and Melanie Carpenter
You were beyond what I expected from a Realtor and you made this experience as easy as possible. You were there every second of the way, answering and getting back to me in record time. Showing us the little things that mattered for resale and what to look for in a home. If I hear anyone looking for a home I will totally direct them your way.
Michelle Sear
Ricky is one of a kind. Buying a house is a big decision, and Ricky made us feel confident through the whole process. He is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone.
Lamar and Jill Stockton
I wouldn't change a thing, great customer service! We also felt like you made us feel like we were your only customers (which we knew we weren't) but just the attention you gave us made us feel it was just us. I liked how you took the time to explain all the "real estate jargon." There were a lot of things that were really confusing but you really took the time to explain things in everyday terms. Thank you, we really appreciate your time and patience.
Andy and Mayra Ramon
Very knowledgeable and honest, always available, good adviser, knew the right people to fix any house problems after inspections. Ricky took on the burden of many tedious tasks. We got a great deal in an amazing area. The more we are in the house the more we love it!
Scott and Tina McLeod
As a first time home buyer it was good to work with someone who was honest and genuine. Their knowledge of the various questions that came up also helped my family to feel comfortable about taking their advice. They were also very knowledgeable about all the issues around topic like neighborhoods and school which were very important to me. I felt honored to work with Ricky and his team thus call him not my Realtor, but my friend.
Kevin and Kim Scurlock
You got the sellers to lower the selling price of the home and got the sellers to pay for a lot of our closing costs. That was awesome. For a while there it felt as if we were not going to get this house with all the mess that seemed to come up. But after all the changes, new lender, and you being our mediator in all this we finally got the home we wanted. Thank you so much for all your help. We look forward to you being a part of our family and helping out my family when they are ready to move into their new homes.
Robert and Julie Gallegos
Ricky was great to work with when buying my house. He provided a wealth of knowledge and information about the market and properties of interest. Above all else he was very open and honest about each property and he did exactly what he said he would do throughout our working relationship. Very personable and makes you feel like you are his only client. I will use him again when I sell my house and look for a new one.
Tim Landy
You delivered on what you promised and you were accessible when I needed to contact you. I would use you again if I needed any real estate services and I will be referring you to others. You did everything I asked and more. Everything went well and it was a stress free transaction! Thank you.
Chance Lindgren
Great negotiator. You got us a great house at a great price, and amazingly responsive to our questions and concerns.
Josh and Erin Magnuson
You know you are the best Realtor in Texas and anytime I have heard something about selling or buying homes I have always recommended you, my friend. I honestly think you changed the life of my family, and that is something I will appreciate forever. Your advice was tremendously useful and now we live in the house of our dreams due to your splendid work, and the best thing is that you got it with a really decent price.  Thank you very much.
Cesar and Sofia Diaz
Everything was professionally done and I wouldn't change anything. Assisting in the preparations and the understanding of the sale went very well.
Marsha Green
Y'all have a great system and you are an incredible team.  Your marketing was top-notch as well as your accessibility! You made promises and kept them!!
Mark and Debbie Glubczynski
Every aspect of your service was performed professionally. You performed a thorough market analysis to determine a sales price recommendation, and the negotiations could not have gone any smoother. A job well done by Cain Realty Group! Anybody considering buying or selling real estate in Central Texas should consider interviewing this real estate company. I sure am glad I signed up with Cain Realty Group instead of signing up with a friend!
Mark Canada
Cain Realty Group is the best! They are very professional and know what to do to get the job done! Even during the market slump they were able to help us get our home sold. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell property in the Austin area. 
Ricky and Sandy Grimes
Ricky was always on top of things. He also helped us save money. I would highly recommend him, he's a wonderful personal agent.
Ed and Sally Koellner
I was very pleased with the performance and communication from Cain Realty Group. We thought the overall marketing of the house, combined with the staging and the recommendations for remodeling, was a very big help in selling our house.
Travis and Chandler Mross
You were great in doing due diligence after the inspection report. You did your homework and were able to guide us in a direction that we could afford and compromise with the buyers to come to an agreement.
Stephen and Barbara Warren
Marketing, pricing, but above all negotiating went very well!
Claude and Annmarie Trudel
All things were done well and from beginning to end, was a very good experience. We felt very comfortable and assured throughout the entire process. As stressful as selling a home can be, this one was the most pleasurable experiences we have had.
Randy and Diana Nelson
From your first visit with me - to the last day when a contract was signed and the house sold - you guided me, helped me, encouraged me. And then after all that was done - you helped me find a place to lease! Thanks to you and your wife - my goal (to sell even though everybody kept saying it was the wrong time) became a reality. Also need to say that John & Fabian, who supplied all the hard work (painting, yard work, etc.), also agree that you know your business! 
Otilia Aguirre
You helped me deal with a previous Realtor that had no idea what he was doing, and was totally incompetent in selling my home. With all of my frustrations, you remained calm. I would use your services again and I will be referring you to my friends and family. Excellent transaction!
Derek Hart
I appreciated that you listened to my home-pricing ideas when we first met to discuss putting my home on the market, and I also thought that you negotiated very well. Thank you very much for helping me sell my home!!
You were honest and very organized. I never was "in the dark" about anything during the sale of my condo.
Jennifer Ibarra
Cain Realty Group was always available to take my calls. Even though they had other properties they were busy with; they treated me as if I was their only client. Ricky is an extraordinary person with exceptional professional knowledge and experience.
Leovarda Davila
Great communication and sound advice about home buying.  Quick responses and good experience in dealing with a crisis situation!
Jason and Celestine Sutton
Y'all made us feel as if you really cared that we were in the right home for us. You listened to our concerns and acted upon them. We felt like we were your only client (even though you have so many). Incredible personal detail is so very hard to find any more. You made buying our home so much more enjoyable than we anticipated. Fabulous experience...Thanks Cain Realty Group!
David and Mona Higgins
Ricky is an expert in the Austin real estate market. He is responsive, has complete knowledge of the market and the legal contracts and provided excellent advice. When it is time to sell our home and buy a new one, we will look forward to working with Ricky Cain and Cain Realty Group.
Terri Ware
After relocating from California, our loan broker recommended Ricky Cain and his team assuring that they knew the Austin market. We where looking into other agents and after we met Ricky we stopped looking. Yes, first impressions really count. To start, communication was a big factor, you understood our specific needs and criteria for our home. You rapidly earned our trust after showing your genuine sense of honesty and integrity. We were extremely impressed with the friendly service and professionalism that you had provided to us. You did an excellent job in negotiating on every aspect on the purchase transaction, which help on savings towards the final cost of the property. He always gave us recommendations without being pushy and a good analysis of market reports. If you need na honest, trustworthy, hard working and an excellent negotiator agent, look no further. And be warned, you might end up with new friends.
Jose and Bea Marty
We really appreciate the thoroughness in which you screened the neighborhoods we we're considering, for noise pollution, future construction projects, property values, etc...Also, you always assured us that you were available 24/7. Even after everything worked out and it was a done deal, you let us know that if we needed anything at all, to just call you. We were especially touched when at the 11th hour (11th minute to be exact!) and the movers were on their way to move us into our new home, we found out the lender was $38.00 short of the final funding, you offered to drive to the title company and write them a check yourself. We don't know how many other agents would do that. You took a personal interest in us and we will recommend you very highly to anybody we know looking to buy or sell!
Tom and Serra Murawski
Ricky is THE premier real estate agent in that he seamlessly combines his relaxed attitude with a razor-sharp professional skill. He was patient with us in finding the perfect home and didn’t pressure us to make a hasty purchase. When he found us our dream home, we gave him the green light, and Ricky muscled us into our new house. If you need an expert real estate agent who fights to get you exactly what you want, then Ricky is the pinnacle of perfection!
David and Monica Cavazos
We could have lost the house we bid on in Austin due to the buyer of our old house not getting a loan. Ricky worked very hard for us to make the buying of this house happen. We know it was not an easy thing to do. Thank you!
Steve and Melissa Rhodes
Ricky Cain is by far the best agent I've worked with. Looking out for my best interest, Ricky selected homes to view with my specific needs in mind. I loved the experience that he and KodiKay provided and would recommend his services with complete confidence.
Helen Buck
Just about everything went smoothly. Even though the closing was delayed you still got me in the house. This was my first purchase and it did go much better than I had expected, Thank-you.
Stephanie Tindor
Everything was done and handled extra well. There's nothing we would have changed and we would use you again.
Richard and Kathy Otwell
You listened well and you delivered! You were very knowledgeable and friendly at the same time. I am willing to recommend you to others and I would use your professional services again.
Jesus and Eva Basa
With our previous experience with a realtor, my husband and I were very cautious on who we would work with. After a few hours with Ricky, he got our trust. He's the kind of Realtor that will really try hard and go out of his way to find the perfect property for you. He is not your typical Realtor wanting to sell a property for a quick buck. He will research the property in all aspects of its pros and cons, like its neighborhood, school district, location, traffic, etc. With a lot of help from Ricky, we were able to find the perfect house and seal the deal. He walked us through the entire process of closing. Even after the sale, Ricky was there to help us with any questions we had. We are very confident in recommending Ricky to our friends and family. I know I've said this many times, but THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!
Cris and Rhea Ortiz-Luis
If you ever need to refer a client to a superior Realtor in the Austin area, you've found the best in Austin.
Gail Cain
I sent a client to Ricky to help her sell her home in Austin. He and his team did a fabulous job! My client was more than thrilled and said he was the only agent in Austin that could have sold her home. Use him, you wont be disappointed!!
Misti Rios
It is an absolute pleasure working with Ricky Cain. His dedication and professionalism put him heads above the rest.
Barry Adkins
Ricky Rocks!!!! He has extensive knowledge of the area, is personable and professional and will go out of the way to make things go smoothly for his clients. He is a results orientated Austin Realtor who goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist his clients in finding and negotiating the purchase and sale of their homes.
Tracy Blair
It has been my pleasure to work on several transactions involving Ricky Cain. He brings the utmost in professionalism to the transaction and his attention to detail is unparalleled in the industry. I have been in the lending industry for more than 20 years and have not found a real estate agent more courteous, available and willing to go above and beyond to help his buyers and sellers complete their sale smoothly and on time. I would recommend Ricky to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.
Brad Ainsworth
Ricky Cain is a very astute, conscientious real estate agent. Understanding the inner workings of the real estate industry is no easy task yet Richard seems to breeze through the road blocks to get things done. His loyalty to his clients and business partners puts him on the top shelf and makes him very easily approachable.
Paul Coffey
Ricky is the consummate professional. I know that anyone I refer to Ricky will receive the same 5 star service that I strive to deliver. His going and honest personality make him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone out looking to buy or sell real estate in the Austin area.
Jason Gracey
Ricky has always been on top of his game with immediate response and exceptional followup. I won't hesitate a moment to seize the opportunity to work with him again in the future!
Linda De Fusco
THE go to person for Real Estate Needs in Austin, Texas!
Lori Ballen
Y'all have a very transparent operation. I felt like everyone was really honest, even when y'all were telling me something I didn't want to hear.
Mandi Klein
Y'all always remained accessible, you had our best interests at heart and you provided lots of good advice.
Rudi Volti
I would certainly recommend you to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home in Austin.  Your reassuring attitude and friendly manner really made Joel and I feel comfortable in having placed our trust in your hands regarding this big transaction. Then, when we were able to sell our home for the full asking price, in only 5 days, we were even more impressed with your skills. We were both impressed with the home staging and other marketing techniques you used to “get our home out there” to the widest possible audience of potential buyers. Thank you for all you did for us in making our sale as smooth and comfortable as possible, at a time when it’s easy to be overwhelmed.
Joel and Lisa Brundrett
My wife Melanie and I had an informal meeting with Ricky based on one of my friends referrals (a peer of Ricky's from San Antonio). When he left our house that night my wife and I felt comfortable selling our home and moving into a new one in Round Rock. We were on the fence with doing anything at all but it was evident that the Cain Team knew what they were doing and ran a very tight ship. We had sold our old home and bought and moved into our new home within 6-weeks max if not sooner. There was a LOT of activity in that period of time with KodiKay and Ricky and the rest of their staff guiding us along the way. There was no lost time in the forward momentum because they just moved right down the list of everything you need to do to effectively sell your home and negotiating the purchase of a new home so you get the best deal possible. It was a great experience and I'd highly recommend them to anyone in the residential real estate market. Over communication, which we love. The whole process was smooth and everything was extremely well coordinated. No lost time moving forward with the sale of our old home and purchase of our new home.
Casey and Melanie Wilson
Everyone on Cain Realty Group did a great job of being present in the moment with positive attitudes every step of the way. We couldn't be happier with our experience, and we look forward to growing our friendship with you.
Chad and Martha Henson
Agent showing us houses made herself available late night and went above and beyond to make properties available to show; follow up after purchase and advocacy on an issue not caught in the inspection. I'm sure behind the scenes communication with our mortgage lender and insurance agent was exceptional as well since there were no "bumps" in the closing process like there usually is.
Scott and Sara Postma
KodiKay was always available to answer any questions and she still responds to my emails when I have a question. I liked the way gave me a list of items that needed to be repaired on my house and told me paint colors, where to buy knobs, etc. Made my job easier. I wouldn't change a thing. You do a great job.
Teresa Collins
They delicately managed a difficult estate sale and helped bridge the location gap since the co-sellers were not residing near the home.
Lisa Thai
From Day 1 when we met with you, we discussed that good communication was important to us. You followed through with that issue and we always knew we would get correct information at all times. There is nothing we would change on the Cain Team. It seems to work very well and we enjoyed working with all of the different members of the team in the selling of our home and the search for another home. This is a great group of people to work with.
Martin and Dottie Starin
My observations of the Cain Team, is a well oiled and complementary team. This is not by coincidence and philosophies of treating people, employees, and clients, with respect and as true friends speaks volumes, and attracts great people to the team. Ricky and KodiKay have assembled a state-of-art sales process, and utilize marketing and communications tools that give the "personal touch " experience through out the pre sales, sales, and post sales process. As CEO of the Cain Team, I really do not see any areas requiring improvement. Great companies, great managers, and great successes, are great because of the people below them; those that comprise the team, and who are acknowledged for their contributions at all levels of the organization. Being humbly grounded and having strong Christian values, is admirable and comforting. Obviously it is no coincidence that Gary Keller has taken notice of Ricky and the Cain team success. Nice job! I was very impressed as well as thankful for their client services resources the Cain Team amassed. Circumstances that changed in my life impacted my ability to get the house remodel completed in a timely fashion, and the Cain Team being resource warriors, got me in touch with the right people to pull this off! I am very thankful for their "thinking on their feet" and being bullet proof in making calls to vendors on my behalf, weeding out the great from the others. Without enabling me to get access to contractors willing to work within my limiting parameters, the house readiness, and ultimate sale of our home would not have happened; the downside would have been ugly. Thanks Cain Team!
Mark and Vicci Thompson
Your business development, capture, presentation, strategic and tactical approaches and "data driven" decision making process was outstanding. "Know your Audience" is critical to success when communicating and interacting. Your use of personality profiles and getting a complete understanding of the client (me) really ensured that you provided the right message, right amount and correctly tailored information that resonated with me. That level of understanding of a client is a rare art that has been lost in most of corporate america. For me, this showed me that you valued and respected my time. Our selling process was completely painless, effortless, no surprises and you guys just "took care of it" and got the job done. Again, that level of customer service is getting more rare but you all set the bar very high.
Steve and Belinda Johs
Can’t express enough of our gratitude for all that your team provided. You are truly a top notch organization, which shows through from your work ethic and the leadership you impress upon your team. We wish you all the best, as you have definitely made our transition from this wonderful neighborhood a lot smoother (and more difficult, as it will be hard to leave you all). I hope to cross paths again in the future.
Greg and Melissa Sheldon
Ricky did an exceptional job of finding property options that met our wish list and budget. He clearly knows the Austin real estate market and delivered exactly what we were looking for. He gave us good advice on how to frame the offer, negotiated successfully with the seller on price as well as repairs. His recommendations of lender, title, insurance, home inspector, etc. were all excellent. The transaction flowed smoothly (and quickly given my short time frame) which is all the more remarkable as I did everything from North Carolina. Excellent communication was the key to making this long distance purchase successful.
Jessica Loose
Ricky was just really great to work with and really helped us see the little things in each property we viewed.
Ben Snow and Chris Drake
I own my own company & I would suggest anyone who has a service business to take a lesson from Cain Realty Group. Outstanding job! Cain Realty Group's attention to detail and anticipation of my needs was exceptional, and their follow up after closing has been superb.
Paul Batrice
Start to finish, the Cain Team really took care of us. Their professionalism is unmatched! We were new to the process, so they really guided us from start to finish. They protected us in every way so that we were not taken advantage of by other service providers. They stayed on top of every aspect of the transaction and made it all happen as quickly as possible! Awesome, fun, experience. We learned so much from the experts at the Cain Team! Thanks! Highly recommend this wonderful group of professionals!
Darla and Hemang Thakkar
KodiKay was amazing! I don't think I've ever seen a person that is more on top of things than Kodikay. My wife spoke with her throughout the process but I was blown away with how good she was.
Alex and Wendy Case
Provided an upfront honest assessment of our home, and delivered high quality potential buyers.
Chris Stiner
The Cain team is beyond professional, responsive and informative. In times of uncertainty during our home buying process they were patient and made sure to get us the answers we needed. In short, they exceeded our expectations and got us into a beautiful home!
Sarah and Daniel Hill
Stayed in touch with us and helped us with a plan to get the best offer on the house. All of the improvements and suggestions for fixes were right on!
Doug and Janet Taborn
Working with Cain Realty Group was truly a pleasurable experience. With each phase of the selling process, they were professional, punctual, and always very courteous. They spent countless hours on the marketing of our home, which definitely sets them apart from other real estate professionals. I would highly recommend using them if you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Austin area!
Ryan Pyka
The amount of support provided was exceptional. The whole process of pre-market, market, and pre-closing was very professional, and extremely helpful. Each step of the way was made easier by the people involved--Ricky and KodiKay. Having the list of recommended service providers was extremely valuable.
Tracy and Patricia Hallock
Cain Realty Group listened to every word I said. They took into consideration my needs and feelings towards this entire process. Cain Realty Group was patient with me and let me be as indecisive as I wanted to but still gave me the best advice as to make the best decision for myself.
Deborah Mendez
The service was extraordinary. You guys went above and beyond what a typical realtor would to do help ensure the process was smooth and painless.
Robert Miller
Cain Realty Group sold my home in three days with a bidding war. They made the entire process fun and pleasant. Not only were they always professional but even more important they were always available.....even now one month later. My advice, entrust no one else with your most important decision.
Dean Curtis
Customer Service is exceptional at Cain Realty Group!
Patrick and Suesanne Gibson
Great client service, honest and helpful!
Bing Han
Did everything exceptionally well. Beyond all expectations.
Jon and Veronica Steffens
The team communicated very well at every step of the selling process.
Harold and Jennifer Valderas
KodiKay worked with an especially difficult contractor in a very positive way. She protected my best interests as did the entire team during the duration of the sale of my house.
Vicki Magee
We really liked the team approach that they use, Ricky and Kodikay handled each phase of the sale flawlessly and were always available for any questions we had.
Gary and Nancy Rash
We contacted my sister and she gave us three possible agents we could meet with. CRG were who we chose to work with. CRG were consummate professionals throughout every step of the way. They met us on the emotional side of wanting amazing schools and acreage so I could fulfill my dream of being a hobby farmer with chickens (not kidding). They adapted to our ever changing needs in the introductory phase of looking a property and continued to evolve with us as we went from being near the capital to closer to Dripping Springs. They were amazing! KodiKay answered all of my calls, emails, texts etc. in a way that made me feel like I was her only client. I felt truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a team of excellent professionals and I am picky. I am a Sales Executive and demand that I am treated the way I treat clients, and CRG met and exceeded all of my expectation. My husband and I couldn't be happier that we chose Cain Realty Group as our real estate agents. We would recommend them to anyone and would use them again in a heartbeat. This team is the BEST. A++ for being extraordinary.
Bert and Guinevere Lynn
Follow through after the offer/contract was accepted. The team made the process EASY! KodiKay handled so many small details and loose ends - from the inspection, to the new roof, to the survey, to ensuring financing was approved, etc.; not to mention managing tasks well after the contract was signed (combo lockbox, texture on wall). It was incredibly painless on our end. Many, many thanks!
Wendy Mazzurana and Joaquin Berrios
The entire Cain Team exceeded my expectations in every aspect of the home selling and buying process. You were great at communicating throughout every step of the process, you were always quick to respond to any questions or concerns, and even quicker to jump into action if/when an issue or obstacle were to arise. Absolutely great experience!
Keith and Hannah Hays
Cain Realty Group recently sold our old home and found us a new home we absolutely love. Watching them sell our old home was truly impressive. They put a lot of work into the preparation before even listing the home. (It reminds me of a time when Abe Lincoln was given 8 hours to chop down a tree, he said he spent the first 6 sharpening his ax.) There where several other homes that suddenly came up for sale in the neighborhood that had me concerned but Ricky's superior process in selling became obvious when his marketing strategies and showing style got us 5 offers in the first 3 days on the market. We listed on a Friday and had a contract on Monday. Having 5 offers is great but knowing how to properly analyze them and choose the best one is where the combination of art and science come together. Details detail details. All I can say is, watching a seasoned professional negotiate with the sellers best interest in mind yet displaying true integrity to the buyer is something of beauty. When it came to finding the new home, that's where it got interesting. It's only fair I let you know that we were not easy clients. Since my wife and I have completely different taste, we ended up looking at dozens of homes that "fit our criteria." Ricky and his team never gave up on us though. The communication line was always open and that alone was extremely valuable for us as we had questions about everything all the time. (Sorry of we drove y'all nuts :) ) We are a very busy family with work and travel and small children, so it is not easy for us to have free time during convenient hours to view homes. Ricky and his team did a fantastic job accommodating our needs. I have bought and sold several properties (8) throughout the last 10 years and working with Ricky and his team of professionals set a whole new standard. A few things I found that made our experience golden were as mentioned above, communication, systems in place to handle all aspects of the process (great efficiency,) a very professional staff, integrity and knowledge. I will definitely use Cain Realty Group again and I would highly recommend considering them if you are looking for a Realtor. I would be more than happy to elaborate on any specifics as I believe finding a good realtor makes all the difference in having a good experience vs. a bad one and unfortunately some people experience the night mares that can go with buying or selling a house simply because they chose the wrong real estate agent. Thank you guys for everything!!
Jake and Cris Landry
Took the stress out of purchasing a home, and provided useful information in every step of the process.
Larry and Rachel Stubbs
Outside of the exceptional customer service, we appreciated that you took time to meet with us in the office first, prior to showing us houses or sending us listings, because it made us feel like you not merely trying to "sell" us a house. One of the things that you all said, that really resonated with us, was that you weren't going to waste our time by drive us around to a bunch of houses, you took the time to really listen to us, which set our experience with Cain Realty Group apart from other brokers that we worked with previously. We felt like you were on our side the entire time working for us (not a paycheck), which of course builds trust and loyalty....both of which you earned from us.
Thomas and Shiva Standifur
Professionalism, effective negotiating, knowledge, courtesy, warmth. I'm very satisfied.
Carmen Elia
I am one that likes to research prior to selecting service providers. The Cain team was one that had a good reputation, and after a few interesting twists and turns during our journey we ended up going with them. My wife and I could not believe the level of customer service and care that this team provided. We have had experiences with other agents, but the level of knowledge and information that they provided for us was impressive. I have a feeling that this team never goes home at night, because I cannot see how they were able to keep on top of everything they were doing for us, all while working with other clients as well. It is a funny thing to say, but we feel as though we made a bunch of friends on the team, and we are a little sad to have to move on. BUT, we are now in our dream home because of them, so I guess we will be a little sad while we sit smiling in luxury :)
Brandon and Misty Poe
Knowing we did not need to worry about whether something would get done minimized the stress. Everything proceeded seamlessly, like a well-oiled machine. Great communication, very responsive, and very knowledgeable.
Jeff and Bobbie Martin
Always kept me notified on new MLS listings. I was always followed up with if I had questions they were answered immediately, very attentive.
Terran McTeer
Really good listener about what we wanted, communicated well and answered all questions in timely manner with depth and focus. The communication was really very good and important to us because we weren't located in Austin during this process and couldn't come in for as much face to face time as otherwise.
Megan Luschen
Cain Team is always looking for ways to make my family happy. They were concerned about meeting my needs. All of the service providers provided jaw dropping service as well.
Heather Rauls
I cannot say enough about the Cain team. My client interviewed 7 agents and Ricky's team was the lucky winner. "We felt that Ricky's team understood our wants more clearly." Well in a short time they found a home in the perfect neighborhood for a price undermarket! IT is a wonderful feeling to be able to put your trust in a Referral Partner ! Bravo to Caitlin and the whole Cain team!
Teri Barton
Ricky was the second realtor I met with and I immediately had a good feeling and shook hands on working with him. He came prepared with statistics and graphs as well as friendliness and confidence. As time went on his initial estimate for sale proved to be spot-on, whereas I had thought it was a bit higher than I should hope for. His team supported every step and communication was seamless - they even sourced a couple of amazing contractors for the minor work we did to maximize the sale potential! Couldn't have made a better choice and wish them continued success.
Kevin Garry
Ricky and KodiKay are amazing. They found us the perfect house on our very first day of house hunting (first house we looked at) and helped us through every step of our home buying experience with grace and professionalism. I wholeheartedly recommend Cain Realty Group for all your real estate needs.
Josh and Erin Magnuson
Ricky and KodiKay Cain helped me sell my home in 2013, found a reliable contractor to help repair foundation lift damages and negotiated a sales price 5% higher than my asking. Ricky's marketing strategy was solid and we worked together as a team with KodiKay to make it a really warm experience for everyone. Ricky also represented me in buying my new home, negotiating a price considerably lower than the asking amount, generating equity from day 1. I've referred a friend and a neighbor to Cain Realty Group with equally good results. Any time I hear that someone is looking for a home, I recommend Ricky. The Cain team is no less positive and welcoming than Ricky and KodiKay, who remain two of my favorite people in Austin. The quality of the experience is as important as the financial savvy of your real estate agency and you will get both with Cain Realty Group.
Evelyn Porter
Ricky is one of the most amazing colleagues I have ever worked with. He prides himself in always doing the right thing. Ricky has helped me grow my business, shares what he has learned from his mistakes, and what is working really great. He has a huge heart and is always looking at how he can add value to others.
Dan Wisdom
Ricky helped us tremendously throughout the entire process of home searching and buying. He is very knowledgeable about the process, from finding homes in the Austin market, to negotiating during a multiple-offer situation. From the very beginning you can tell he wants what is best for his clients. He is very responsive and is quick to call and set up a viewing as soon as a good home comes on the market (or sometimes premarket). Also, if you like more of the personal touch, you will always be invited to join in on his monthly happy hour parties. We will definitely call Ricky if ever we sell our home in the future.
Matt Gately
If you're looking for a Realtor that puts you at the top of their list then look no further. Ricky and KodiKay Cain along with their incredible staff helped us sell our home in no time at all. They were always there when we needed them and we really felt like part of the Cain Realty Group Family. Their endless knowledge of the market made it easy for us to make an informed decision when listing our home. We also can't say enough about the use of TECHNOLOGY at Cain Realty Group. As a seller we were never unaware of what was going on and we were always kept "In The Know". Cain Realty Group will forever be sewn into the fabric of our lives and we can't thank you enough! We wish you the best of luck in the future and look forward to life-long relationship.
Derek Kahanek
Superb defines the Cain Team quite nicely! And literally the entire team is awesome - timely, knowledgeable, with a strong commitment to their customers. I can't say enough good things about their work/support during our first home buying process!
Hayle Howland
Everything was done well!  Y'all stayed on top of things better than we could have asked for, and educated us as first-time home buyers without making us feel bad for asking beginner questions. You all also responded very quickly to anything we asked (at all hours of the day/night). Overall, you made a complex process (to us, at least) about as painless as you could have. We are very thankful for Cain Realty Group's help throughout!
Andrew and Jessica Buxton
The level of communication was amazing. Prior to the sell of our home, Ricky was outstanding in advising us about which updates would be worth our time and money and which were not. During the sale, obviously the building up interest in the property was effective!! Also during our purchase, Cain Realty Group was very accessible and flexible as we learned what we really wanted in our new home. And all along the way, I felt like I always had KodiKay in my corner to help with arrangements or decisions. I might need to start calling her for day-to-day decisions :)
Pablo and Jamie Berrios
Your honesty, openness and communication was awesome. You made us us feel incredibly special and you all answered any questions we had, never making us feel silly for asking.  I will definitely refer y'all whenever we know of anyone looking for a Realtor!
Jason and Nicole Oliver
Communication from Cain Realty Group was excellent throughout the process. Especially considering that we had to go through the entire process remotely!
Jimmy and Jenny Law
First, we loved Cain Realty Group's team approach. The daily counsel and accessibility was helpful and comforting; the willingness to go the extra mile each and every day was re-assuring; and -- most importantly, the chutzpah and creativity to go out there and get the price for our home that we deserved put Cain Realty Group on a totally different level. We will forever be grateful to Ricky, KodiKay, and all the others on the team and recommend them without hesitation.
Mark and Pat Epstein
Communication with Cain Realty Group was superb. I never felt ignored and you all responded to my concerns. You were also honest with me and explained the pricing strategy thoroughly.
Tommy and Kathleen Peyton
Cain Realty Group built a trusting professional relationship by always going above and beyond the expectations of a Realtor and always looking out for our best interest. All the information we needed to make a decision was given to us by our agent. Our expectations have been shattered. We are very thankful to have been referred to Ricky Cain and his team. Thank you Cain Realty Group for all of the effort and time you put into our home search and finding us a great house!
Dean and Soncy Chin