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Love It Or Leave It Greater Austin Home Buying Program

Cain Realty Group's "Love It or Leave It!" Home Buyer Protection Plan

If you buy a home using an experienced Cain Realty Group Buyer Specialist, or if you are a buyer that bought a home listed by Cain Realty Group with another agent or unrepresented, you will automatically qualify for our Greater Austin area Home Buyer Protection Plan, which we call our Love It or Leave It! program.  At Cain Realty Group, we want you to LOVE where you live.  Buying a home is a huge decision, one you literally have to live with!  

Our Love It or Leave It! plan ensures that if you don't love your home for any reason during the first 12 months of homeownership, an experienced Cain Realty Group Listing Specialist will list and sell your home for a great price, without Cain Realty Group taking a fee.  A Cain Realty Group Buyer Specialist will also help you to find that perfect home, one that you will love for years to come.

At Cain Realty Group, our Buyer Specialists take a consultative approach when working with our Greater Austin area Home Buyers, so it's rare that our clients don't love the home they bought...AND, sometimes life happens or other events cause us to not love where we live.  Here are a few we see come up from time to time.

  • You bought a Cain Realty Group listing with another agent or unrepresented and there were things that were important to you about the house or area that are not present that you were unaware of at the time of purchase
  • You bought your home virtually and upon seeing it in person you were not as happy with the purchase
  • You found out your family is expanding due to your parents needing to move in, you are choosing to adopt, or you found out you are expecting
  • You got a new job that's on the other side of town and the idea of a long commute sounds exhausting
  • You realized the neighborhood just isn't what you thought it would be and are wanting a different vibe
  • You won the lottery and have decided you now want a much larger home (this hasn't happened yet)

Regardless of why you may not love your new home, when you buy your next home with our team of highly trained experts, or even if you use your own agent to buy a Cain Realty Group listing, you can do so knowing there’s a safety net under you protecting your investment.  If you aren't in love with your new home, our Love It or Leave It! Home Buyer Protection plan will ensure we help you find one that you do love, while not taking a fee for selling the home you are wanting to part ways with.

Certain exclusions apply.  The program is only for those buying a home as their primary residence.  The program is not for instances where a home was bought and relocation is occurring outside of Cain Realty Group's service area.  The program is not for those wanting to move because of defects that were previously known from an inspection or disclosure.

Learn More About Our Love It or Leave It! Program

Simply provide your basic information below, and a Cain Realty Group Buyer Specialist will contact you to answer any questions you may have regarding our complete and comprehensive Greater Austin area Home Buyer Protection Plan!

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