First Time Austin Area Home Buyers

We can certainly understand that buying your first home in the greater Austin area can seem like a scary or daunting task.  Having worked with many Austin area first-time homebuyers in the past, we also realize that there are going to be a lot more questions and a lot more hand-holding.  We actually enjoy helping people buy their first home in the Austin area.  It's all completely worth it when we are able to be a part of the excitement that comes with buying your first home in the Austin area.  You will only buy one first home in your life, and we would be honored to be a part of this important life event.

Having an experienced Austin Realtor that understands the needs of a first-time homebuyer is critical. Some of the topics that we cover with first time home buyers during our initial Home Buying Consultation include the following:

  • Your first home "wish list"Austin First Time Home Buyer
  • Needs versus wants analysis
  • Goals and reasons behind wanting to own a home
  • The mortgage and loan process
  • The overall home buying process
  • Appreciation trends for various Austin neighborhoods and areas
  • Central Texas school accountability ratings
  • A live Austin MLS search to help identify housing criteria

We also provide all of our Austin area first-time home buying clients a FREE best-selling book that is a must-read for anyone aspiring to buy their very first home in the greater Austin area.  Your First Home is packed with inspiring stories and the wisdom of thousands of successful first-time home buyers.  Not only does it educate readers of the homeownership process in eight simple steps, but it also teaches readers ways to overcome less-than-perfect credit and how to implement successful creative financing strategies. 

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