Will You Buy Real Estate on Mars?

A recent article featured at Realtor.com features the possibility of humans inhabiting the planet Mars. Nope, we are not featuring a science documentary for a TV show, people. This article is actually about a fact that is about to take place in our lifetimes. At least, that's how Tesla's Elon Musk wants to describe it as he pieces together a team who will pioneer human settlement in Mars.

While the main article (see link above) discusses technicalities such as the first settlements being underground, with the pioneers having been trained to farm, build, and basically do tasks taken care of by 20 different professions here on earth, this article focuses on one interesting aspect discussed in the post. Are you willing to invest on your plot of land in Mars?

After all, looking back, the people who hold much of valuable real estate now are the descendants of individuals who have been awarded homesteads, or who have claimed plots of raw land that they have tediously cultivated and developed in the past several hundred years. Isn't it just sensible for you to stake a claim on this entirely raw-uninhabited planet for the future of your descendants?

"Buying" land on Mars is actually a sci-fi concept; in fact, the very first human settlers for Mars as sponsored by Tesla are still scheduled to set foot on the red planet in 2022. And with NASA planning to send their own people in 2030, it's safe to say that regular human settlers won't be able to visit and stake their claim on their purchased lots until early 2050.

For now, we have to be content with Tesla's updates on how their pioneer project is faring, and hope for the best that the first humans to set foot on Mars will arrive safely and prep up the red planet for our eventual coming.

To read more about this interesting news, you can access the original article here.

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