What the Color of Your Front Door Says about You and Your Home

Did you know that your front door is the focal point of your home's exterior, affecting the way your potential buyers perceive your humble abode?

Debbie Zimmer, color expert at the Paint Quality Institute, explains that the front door, as a central piece to your house's interior design, has the ability to send a message to people looking at your facade. 

Of course, as a home seller, you'd want your front door to send the right kind of message-- one that would beckon them to enter and fall in love with the property instead of giving out a wrong impression and cause buyers to quickly turn and run off.

Color psychologists have deduced the meanings and impressions caused by each color when used on a front door, so here are the colors you might want to consider for your front door if you want to send the right message and close a deal:

Blue- this home is a place of refuge; a retreat for the hardworking man where paradise awaits

Green- revitalizes your senses, rejuvenate; this home is an abode of peace and harmony

Black- enter the powerhouse; the owner is a man of power and authority

Red- boredom has no room in this house, where passion, energy, and excitement are abundant to its dwellers

Brown- be one with nature in this home where there is warmth, stability, and reliability

Perhaps it may be a good idea to paint your front door a new color in anticipation of your prospective buyers? To read more about how to prepare your home for showings, click here. For more information about front door colors, you can access the original article written by Melissa Tracey here.

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