What Makes a Good Neighborhood [to move into]

A recent survey by Realtor® shows that a community needs to have the following "ingredients" for it to satisfy the residents in the area and make them feel that they are living in a good neighborhood. Aside from looking at the crime rates in the area, the quality of nearby schools, and the home maintenance habits of your would-be neighbors, you also have to look for the following things when choosing the next place you are going to live in:

1. Parks-- wide, open spaces provide an opportunity for fun, social bonding, exercise, and more without necessarily having to spend money for enjoyment.

2. Dog Parks-- a must-have in a neighborhood, especially if you are a pet lover or would love to have your own pet in the near future.

3. Grocery Store-- a local grocery store makes it convenient, especially when you need just one extra ingredient to complete your casserole recipe. Long commutes for groceries is a hassle, so make sure to live in a community with a well-stocked and reasonably-priced grocery store.

4. Local Restaurants-- it would be nice to have a good place to eat nearby on days when cooking simply isn't an option. Bonus points if there is more it than a good pizza.

5. Large trees and greenery-- who doesn't want to live in a well-landscaped neighborhood? The visual appeal not only makes your home relaxing; it boosts your property value, too.

6. Library-- you might not be a bookworm, but living close to a library has its perks. Aside from getting another classic entertainment option, living near a library boosts your property value, too.

7. Community pool-- ask future neighbors if they like hanging out at the community pool. A good community pool will save you extra fees on a pool club membership. Having a good community pool nearby will also make your kids love your new place more.

8. Cafe-- everyone loves coffee, so if you live in a place with a coffee shop nearby, not only do you get close access to your daily caffeine junk, you also invest in real estate that would be deemed valuable by almost every other caffeine junkie out there.

9. Farmers market-- fresh produce, anyone? Farmers market not only provide you with cheaper and fresher food, it also gives you the chance to enjoy a leisurely stroll in a laid-back commercial setting.

The important thing when choosing a neighborhood to live in is to have a list of the places you want to frequent regularly and use your short list as your guide in house hunting. If you want more tips on how to find the right home for you, we'd be happy to help; reach out to us or check out our blog. You can also access the original article from which this post was based here.

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