Water Damage Restoration Tips

The devastation that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left behind them have sent many homeowners into a flurry trying to get their home restored.  AccuWeather put the damage from Irma at more than $100 billion, and Harvey at $190 billion, which makes summer 2017 the costliest weather disaster season in U.S. history.

Before plunging into the process of restoring your home check out these three simple tips courtesy of Realtor.com

1. Take pictures before you clean

As hard as this might seem, it is so important to take pictures to serve as evidence of the damage just in case. This will be critical proof of the repairs you need to make, without them you may end up reducing the amount of financial help you get. 

2. Remove as much water as you can

Once the documentation stage is done, it is time to rid your home of as much water as you can. This is extremely time sensitive, and waiting for a contractor or professional to come out is not ideal. Because of the high demand of contractors, you will risk your home's damage increasing with time. Mold and mildew typically begin growing within 24 to 48 hours, it is important to act fast.

3. Get help from a water damage specialist

Once you get all the water you can out, and act swiftly, it is then time to call in the big guns. Extensive water damage is not the kind of thing you should fix on your own. Industrial-grade dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and other equipment necessary to get the job done are not found in your typical family garage. You have to call in the reinforcements.

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