Want to Know What your Home is Worth?

Here at the Cain Team, we know you have tons of questions just waiting to be answered. Want to see how homes within a five-mile radius of your home are selling? How do the actual selling prices compare to listing prices in your area? We've got answers! 

Get set up on our Austin Market snapshot and get information only available to real estate professionals via the MLS database. The information comes from the local Multiple Listings Service (MLS) database, your area's primary source of real estate listing, transaction and market data.

Unlike other sources, the MLS provides detailed information on homes that have sold, homes currently for sale, homes under contract but not yet closed, and homes that didn't sell. Additionally, the MLS offers analysis of various market trends. So you can be sure that the home and market information we provide to you is the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date available.  

View a sample report here.

These snapshots give you the following information:

  • Real-time data on homes similar to yours in your area that have recently sold or are currently for sale
  • How long specific homes were on the market before they sold, as well as time-on-the-market averages for your area
  • Volume comparisons of recent sales, new listings, and total listings
  • Percentages comparison of asking price to selling price for recent sales
  • Average, median and high/low prices for homes that have recently sold or are currently for sale

Click here to get set up on your personalized Austin Market Snapshot!

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