Ventilation Tweaks to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Summer is just around the corner! And knowing how hot things in Austin can be, can you regard yourself and your home as ready for the heat wave?

While most homes in Austin are equipped with central air conditioning, the summer months will not be lenient-- your summer wear and your budget for utility bills will surely be stretched to the limit. Here are some ventilation tweaks that can help you keep your cool (literally and figuratively!) without running the A/C 24/7:

Strategize with Open Windows

It's really tempting to open all windows of the house during the summer, but there is a more effective way to cool your house down without enticing a burglar (or a cheeky squirrel!). Always remember that hot air goes up, so open windows on the shady side of the house at the ground floor to suction cool air in, and open windows on the hot side of the house at the upper floors to pump out all the hot air that way. By doing this, you are creating a natural wind tunnel that will keep the hot air out of your home, says University of Arkanas professor of sustainability communicaiton Myria Allen.

Watch Out For Air Leaks

Leaks can suck up almost 20 to 30% of your cool, conditioned air, making your AC work more than it should to keep the indoors cool. Connie Rankin, president and CEO of CRES + Associates, a commercial real estate firm with a focus on sustainability, recommends repairing such leaks by weatherstripping doors and caulking windows.

Keep The Carpets and Rugs Rolled Up

Carpets and rugs conduct heat poorly, so whenever your warm feet touch the rug, you retain the heat and you keep feeling warm. Tiles and wooden floors, on the other hand, are great heat conductors. Walking on them barefoot can make you feel cooler. Take this opportunity to bring your carpets and rugs to the carpet cleaners and enjoy the bare floors while you can!

Want more advice on how to keep your home cool? You can visit Kimberly Dawn Neumann's article from which this post was based here.

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