University of Texas-Austin One of Best Value Colleges in the South -Forbes

Yesterday, we shared a post about how Austin made it to the top of Forbes’ 2016 list of fastest-growing cities in the U.S. Today, we are going to deviate from the standard genre of info bits to give you a fresh take on why living in Austin is best for career people, families, and retirees alike.

In a report written by Caroline Howard and published at the official website, she explains that “Texas boasts a large number of Best Value Institutions.” Compiling a list of the top 25 colleges in the South, Texas managed to secure three posts:

#17. University of Texas, Austin

#18. Texas A&M, College Station

#20. Rice University

How does this relate to individuals and families looking to invest in Austin real estate? Young families need not worry about access to quality education for their children when it’s time for them to enter college. As for millennials, Texas, most especially Austin, offers them better opportunities for career growth and easier options to return to school to further their education. Retirees can also benefit from the popularity of schools in the Texas area through investments in homes that may, in turn, be rented or purchased by individuals and families looking into moving to Austin in the coming years for its schools’ amazing track record.

No matter what kind of real estate investor you are, Austin is a very promising choice for you as it is projected to grow academically AND economically for the next three decades.

To know more about the colleges that made it to the Top 25 list of, please click here.


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