Understanding the Job of a Home Inspector

It truly is a thrilling experience when an offer you've made to purchase a home has been accepted, but you might want to go through one more important step before starting to pack your bags. Hiring a home inspector is a crucial part of the home buying process, as it is the stage where major flaws that might need fixing are detected before you close the deal. Do not be misled by a home that looks good, because only a professional can determine how livable a house truly is.

A lot is on the plate of a home inspector, and for good reason: home inspectors ensure that you are buying your money's worth and that there would be no complications in the home when you finally move in.

National Association of Home Inspectors Executive Director Claude McGavic explains that there are 1,600 items in every home inspector's checklist, making sure that every facet of the home is checked. Because of the meticulous work poured in by home inspectors, home buyers have an advantage in case faults are discovered: you can renegotiate the final sale price of the home for minor flaws, have them fixed by the home seller before closing, or walk away from the deal altogether with your deposit in hand. Backed by a home inspection report, your real estate investment will be guaranteed.

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