Turn Your Doors Into True Show-Stoppers

Want a unique way to spruce up your interior decoration? Having some trouble thinking out of the box when it comes to decorating your space? Try thinking inside the box... or a doorframe perhaps! When is the last time you actually noticed your interior doors?

Notice no guests come over and say "WOW, look at that great bathroom door!" It's because typically, interior doors are bland and boring. Start thinking inside the door frame and create something unique. Doors are overlooked so often that customizing and personalizing them will make a world of a difference. Here are seven ideas courtesy of House Logic.

1. Fancy Trim: A little well placed trim, along with a coat of paint really goes a long way. It is so simple, easy to do and will boost your home value. 

2. Faux Stained Glass: Glass doors are a great addition, and stained glass doors are even better! Want to achieve this look without breaking the bank? Get creative with a stick-on colored film. While this project will take more time and patience, it is sure to be worth it in the end. 

3. Wallpaper: "Wallpaper? For a Door?" Exactly what we were thinking at first. Don't let the "wall" in "wallpaper" stop you in your tracks. This solution offers a quick pick-me-up for rooms that need some attention quick!

4. Themed Closets: Kids' rooms are always so fun to decorate, so why not take it an extra step further and bring the fun to the closet door. Use painter's tape to create something unique to add to the theme of the room. 

5. Bold Color: A bold door color can be a just-right infusion of color that adds interest and balance without undoing the size-boosting effect of the light color scheme. Go bold and watch your effort pay off tremendously. 

6. Bifold Doors: While bifold doors aren't exactly known for their beauty, their role is more about allowing you to access the closet with limited space. But you can use these doors to your advantage by teaching them French! All it takes is a steel bracket atop the hinged portion to turn bifold doors into elegant French doors.

7. Tape and Decals: This trick is fast, cheap and so fun! Washi tape is the perfect way to turn the overlooked inside of your door into something fun and unique. Go the extra mile with tape and buy vinyl cutouts, they come in just about any shape and size. Get creative, and enjoy your space!

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