Top Home Design Trends for 2017

Industry professionals always look forward to the start of the year when the latest interior decor trends are made known to the public. And since that time of year has arrived (and coincidentally, we've gotten a little tired with 2016's styles and we're just about ready to say goodbye), here are 2017's Home Design Trends that you might want to incorporate into your home improvement projects this year.

Compiled by, here are the home styles and interior designs that will dominate the most fashionable of homes this 2017: 

1. Geometric patterns

Gentle curves as sooo out-- and funky geometric patterns are what's in! This design is best used on your wallpaper, but if you don't want to risk or spend too much, geometric-patterned throw pillows and planters can give you the 2017 style accent you need to modernize your room. If you're worried that the new patterns won't fit the "old style" of your home, don't be: Geometrics can easily match up to your existing decor with just the right play of accents and color.

2. Jewel tones

Art deco-inspired designs of 2016 first coaxed in the jewel tones in the latest home styles, so don't be surprised if our attention now fully turns toward the luxurious-looking bold sapphire walls, emerald chairs, and amethyst accents. Jewel tones can make a space feel cozy and luxurious at the same time. Use neutral, minimal wall colors to complement this new trend, or vividly redecorate with bold splashes of color if you so wish-- they're both good this 2017.

3. Cork

Gone are the days when walls are plain, flat, and zero on functionality. 2017 is the year of Cork-- those wonderful eco-friendly boards that are trendy to look at and functional to use. Stick your photos, inspirational messages, even bills on to the board in any way you like, and liven up a once-dead area with this functional and modern design. This is perfect for use in the office or kitchen.

4. Tropical influences

Whoever thought that a jungle-themed home would finally be "IN"? Tarzan would be so proud! But joking aside, designers say that tropical-themed designs work well with jewel-toned walls. Make sure to use tropical plants like Dracaena, spider plants, and ferns. If you don't have the real thing, prints on fabric would look nice as well. Accents in yellow, green, orange, and red are good for this home style type, too.

5. Rich blues

While "Greenery" is Pantone's Color of the Year for 2017, nobody is stopping designers from nominating "blues in all its hues" as the likely "IN" of spring. Blue can express confidence and strength, or help you calm down after a long day at work, so choose the perfect tone for your space. Combine this with jewel tones and you will have a trendy 2017 abode that is worth going home to each day after work.

6. Wood accents

Another contender in this year's top design trends is the use of wood accents. From wood panels to modern wood clocks, furniture, and sculpture, wood in its raw and natural color will be in-demand this year. Good thing there are artsy home stuff to buy for your home that's made out of reclaimed wood. 

7. Black stainless steel

Here's a perfect kitchen update if you're planning to do some renovation work: black stainless-steel is your sleek, modern, and sophisticated way to go with kitchen upgrades this year. While stainless steel has been a mainstay in people's design tastes for some time, designers are now offering a subtle change to this trend.

8. Bold front doors

Front doors in 2017 will no longer be your traditional white, brown, or black. Colors that pop will be your new "in" for your main entrance. Among your choices will be bold blues, bright reds, even a sunny orange... it all depends on your personality and how you want your front door to show it.

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