Top 10 Places to Be a Real Estate Agent

A recent study by WalletHub reveals that a realtor’s success in the real estate business is heavily dependent on location. Comparing 150 metropolitan areas across 13 key metrics such as sales per agent and the annual median wags of agents, they found that the 10 best places for real estate pros to practice are the following:

  1. Denver, Colo.
  2. Irvine, Calif.
  3. Seattle, Wash.
  4. Austin, Texas
  5. Aurora, Colo.
  6. Portland, Ore.
  7. Indianapolis, Ind.
  8. San Francisco, Calif.
  9. Colorado Springs, Colo.
  10. Boston, Mass.

However, it is important to note that the real estate business is also intensely local. The researchers at WalletHub found that Knoxville, Tennessee (ranked 34 out of 150), had the highest number of sales per agent at 120 as compared to Houston, Texas which only had an average of 6 sales per agent.

Indianapolis (no. 7) had the highest annual median wage for real estate agents at $105,370 as compared to Wichita, Kansas which had the lowest at $24,320. The findings of WalletHub in this new study are encouraging, especially for real estate agents based in Austin.

Austin (4th in the list) continues to be a competitive arena for realtors seeking to further their career in real estate. Recent studies that project growth in Austin also assure the future of realtors in the area, as steady economic growth is expected for the next three decades.

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To read the complete report by WalletHub, please click here

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