Title of “Best City to live in U.S.” Goes to Austin

Wallethub, a financial site dedicated to helping consumers make better financial decisions, recently compiled a list of the “Best & Worst Large Cities to Live In.” Based on 31 key metrics including job market, recreation, percentage of adults in excellent or very good health , Austin beat out every other U.S. city, overall. In other specific areas, Austin ranked very highly in terms of quality of education, household income adjusted by cost of living and local economy and taxes. The new findings make Austin real estate the best investment for those who want to own a home in the best place in the United States.

According to Wallethub, what makes the cities on the “best” list so attractive to some include such aspects as the possibilities for activities, food options and places to go. Other factors are the promise of opportunity — more jobs, better salaries, more people to meet. Whatever it is that makes a city attractive to you, you’re sure to find a majority of those qualities in the Austin area. The city boasts a renowned food and health culture, wealth of outdoor recreation, growing population and robust economy. Austin real estate offers a unique environment that satisfies the needs of a range of demographics from recent college grads to established professionals.

Results of the assessment, as well as expert commentary and a detailed methodology can be found at Wallethub.com.

Austin is the best city to live in the U.S. 

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