Tips to Beat the Heat: Summer Tips for Dogs and Their Owners

We know how hot the summer in Austin can get, but what's the heat when there's a thousand fun things you can do under the bright, Austin sun? While it's a time for parks, outdoor adventure, swimming, and basically any physical activity that can help you get a gorgeous tan, you still have to be careful and protect yourself and your furry canine friends from the scorching heat.

Cain Realty Group brings you a practical check list on how to protect you and your canine from the warm temperatures looming ahead. Follow this guide and you will surely have a fun and safe time outdoors with man's best friend:

  • Don't leave your pets in an unattended vehicle. If you can't bring your dog with you, (you should have left the dog at home to begin with!) you can either leave him inside the car with cool airconditioning in full blast, or let him stay at a designated area nearby with ample shade and water.
  • Avoid walking on hot surfaces like asphalt. The heat that radiates from asphalt can affect your dog more than it can affect you, especially since they walk closer to the ground than you do.
  • Supply lots of fresh, clean water. Take frequent breaks when you're out and bring cold water instead of looking for a vending machine when you're feeling thirsty. Better yet, pack a bottle of water in the freezer before bed time, and take the solid jug with you for a satisfying icey quencher whenever you feel the need.
  • Bring fresh water for your dog when you go out. Dogs need as much hydration as you do; bring some water for them too!
  • If it's >85 degrees, leave your dog at home. Anything over 85 can cause a heat stroke among furry animals, especially dogs that only sweat through panting.
  • Don't overexercise your pup. Taking it slow in the summer is advisable because the heat adds to your pup's exertion.
  • Get your dog a cooling vest. An expensive investment but worthy of the expense nonetheless (your bestie-on-all-fours would love you more for it!).
  • Apply sunscreen to your dog's fur and skin. It's more about reflecting the excess UV rays than worrying about your dog's complexion.
  • Provide proper outdoor shelter. An umbrella, a portable pet house, or a simple area where your dog can rest under the shade will be perfect places to beat the heat.
  • Let your dog stand in a cool pool. Going swimming? Let your pooch run into a shallow pool for a splash!
  • Walk during cooler times of the day. Take a walk early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it's a lot cooler.
  • Know the signs of dehydration. If you or your pooch appears to be lethargic, sleepy, slow to move, and easily irritated by noise or bright lights, seek shade and drink; you're suffering from the onset of dehydration.

Paying attention to your dogs needs especially during the summer can help you keep your dog from falling ill due to the warm temperatures. With a healthy dog in tow, you will surely enjoy your summer activities without any problems. For more tips on how to have fun in Austin, check out our blog here.

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