Things You Need to Know About a Broker's Open House and Smart Marketing of Your Home

Anyone who wants to sell their home is likely to encounter the prospect of hosting a broker's open house. But don't get the concept wrong; it's an event FOR agents who have buyers who are checking out how suitable your home is for any of their clients. Here's how you'll benefit from a broker's open house and why you should give your agent a "go" in hosting one:

What makes a broker's open house different?

A broker's open house is different from a standard open house because of the people who come to the event. You'd expect buyers to come in a standard open house, but broker's open houses are for agents who represent buyers and other industry professionals. Standard open houses are also hosted commonly on weekends when prospective buyers, curious neighbors, and anyone else interested to take a look at your home have spare time on their hands. Broker's open houses, on the other hand, are scheduled midweek since most agents are free to attend such events during that time. 

What happens at a broker’s open house?

A broker's open house is marketing work in the making. Aside from making your home available to internet marketing systems like the MLS, a broker's open house introduces your home "live" to a group of people who can help you sell your home faster. The people who come to a broker's open house all have contacts who might help you close the deal, so it is important to make these people and their contacts aware of your new listing.

What are the benefits of hosting a broker's open house for sellers?

Having professional people who have a large network of buyers visit your home benefits you by exposing your home to the people who can actually bring you an offer. Their attendance isn't just for the food-- they check out each open house and see if the home is a perfect fit for one of their client's preferences. Broker's open houses often lead the way to private showings from potential buyers who have been informed by an agent of a potential match of their preference to your listing.

Simply put, gritting your teeth through strangers walking around your house and inspecting every nook and cranny as you serve them lunch might be the best marketing opportunity you can do for your listing. Go ahead and dive right in-- your agent will surely help you take care of everything.

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