The Perfect Time for Real Estate Investment

MarketWatch recently reported that now is the best time to invest in real estate. Jeff Reeves, a MarketWatch columnist, dispels the rumor that  another housing crisis is looming overhead. He believes that home buyers are more responsible with their home loans, thereby preempting another housing crisis from taking place. 

Reeves, also an editor of, writes, “...whether it’s stricter lending standards, a shift in attitudes among borrowers or simply the nation getting wiser about the risks of real estate, we’re hardly seeing irresponsible buying in 2016.” Reeves believes that the housing market is healthy and that it will continue to "steadily and organically appreciate."

Therefore, with current conditions at its most ideal, Reeves recommends home buyers to take advantage of the opportunity and begin investing in properties. After all, home prices are quickly on the rise, and median home prices are above pre-recession levels-- with some median prices even reaching new highs in certain districts. With appreciation rising at 5% annually, experts see no reason why investors should hold back.

Buyers can also take advantage of current real estate values that are still below pre-crash levels. These hot markets are Las Vegas, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. Since forecasts predict a very low chance of an impending market crash and with home values constantly rising, it might be a good idea to look around the neighborhood and begin investing, especially if you are in one of the hot real estate markets in the U.S.

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