The New Hot Spots Where Americans Are Moving Right Now

A recent study conducted by Realtor® reveals that Austin is one of the top U.S. cities where Americans are moving. Using three data sets from the Census Bureau for migration data from 2009-2013, cross-metro moving requests on®, and Cross-metro search traffic on®, Realtor® concluded that Austin is the 5th city where Americans are moving. 

Affordable housing and strong job markets are what these cities have to offer, so it comes as no surprise that Americans are moving their lives to these cities where better opportunities present themselves.

Austin, as a home of 2 million people, shows tremendous increase in its population based on how its population multiplied eight times from 50 years ago. Experts claim that it started when IBM opened a facility in the area. The tech boom soon followed, and today we have Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel, and Samsung as some of the largest tech companies with a base in the Texan Capital.

To learn more about this study by Realtor®, you can access the executive summary here.

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