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Cain ClubWelcome to Cain Club!

Welcome to Cain Club! Cain Club is designed to give users points for various actions that can, in turn, be used to redeem gifts, services, and other exciting prizes provided by Cain Realty Group.

The concept of the rewards system is for users to participate in simple activities listed in the Obtain Points page. The activities can be something as simple as liking a page or sharing an article to friends, with new activities unlocked as users gain higher points. The aim is to collect as much points as possible in order to get prizes offered by the club in exchange for a certain number of collected points. Redemption of prizes is easy; after reaching the number of points for the item you are eyeing, all you have to do is select the prize, provide your contact information, and we'll have it shipped to you.

Launched in Conjunction with Cain Cares

Part of the reason why Cain Club was launched is for the project to support Ricky and Kodikay Cain's non-profit organization, Cain Cares, which was launched in 2016. Certain Cain Club activities help support the cause of Cain Cares, thereby allowing Cain Club users to contribute to the non-profit just by being active on the website.

The purpose of Cain Cares is to provide a way to assist Cain Realty Group's past clients, their direct family members and the community in times of severe need. Ricky and Kodikay's successful real estate company, Cain Realty Group at Keller Williams Realty, wanted a way to give back to clients and to the community, and their passion for wanting to give back and help those they've served led to the formation of Cain Cares.

Each successful home transaction handled by Cain Realty Group automatically donates a small portion of its earnings to Cain Cares, with the donation placed on the actual client's name. Funds are also raised through company and individual donations, as well as through fundraising events and sponsorships.

Have fun using Cain Club, and get a chance to give back to the community just by being active on the site. Donations are also very much welcome. Each $50 donated to Cain Cares through the Cain Club website gives you 25 points. Please help us make a positive impact on the lives of others; we might even be able to save a life in the future. Help and have fun-- join us at Cain Club today!


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