Texas Real Estate breaking Speed Records

From the NAR RealtorMag.realtor.orgNational Association of Realtors compiled data on how long it’s taking homes to sell in the U.S. A report on the data was posted to their site and showed that Texas real estate, along with some other states, has had the least amount of days on the market with homes sold in less than 30 days. Overall, homes sold in an average of 40 days across the country in May, which is the third-shortest time on market since NAR started recording the data in 2011.

“Properties were on the market for some of the longest times -- more than 90 days -- in Maine, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas,” according to the report.

Austin real estate has been selling in record time as well, with some homes receiving contracts even before hitting the market. For sellers who desire a short turnaround time for selling their home and relocating to a new one, this is the ideal time to take advantage of this hot real estate market.


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