Survey Points to Austin as Best U.S. City to Launch a Tech Startup

Pennsylvania-based Sungard Availability Services Capital Inc. ranked the city of Austin as the best U.S. city for launching a technology startup in its latest survey. The Texan capital was ranked first according to the number of new tech entrepreneurs and third according to the percentage of the city's workforce directly employed in a tech job.

The other cities that made it to the list are New York (2nd), Seattle (3rd), Denver (4th), and Atlanta (5th). Notable tech city San Francisco ranked sixth, and Houston landed the tenth spot.

March data shows that salaries of tech-based jobs have increased by 30% percent in the last decade-- a testament to the growing influence of the tech sector in the city. Data from career website shows that tech jobs in Austin offer salaries up to $98,672-- the highest salary offering for Texas-based tech jobs in 2015. With the average salary of tech jobs in Austin at $93,135 in 2014, a trend of 5.9% year-over-year increase can be predicted for employees in the tech industry.

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