Study Shows Austin Real Estate is the ‘Healthiest’ Market in U.S. SafeiFinancial website, WalletHub, conducted a study of 300 U.S. cities with more than 300,000 residents to find which real estate market was the “healthiest.” Austin ranked as the healthiest overall real estate market in the nation based on 14 metrics including foreclosure rate, median home price, vacancy rates, population growth and unemployment rates.

Austin’s home market is stronger than ever, with home sales reaching an historic high this July. In fact, the Austin housing market is doing so well for home sellers, that 2015 has been considered the best year yet for homeowners to sell a home in Austin.

Several other Texas cities made the list far behind Austin. Those cities include:

  • No. 10: Fort Worth

  • No. 14: San Antonio

  • No. 15: Corpus Christi

  • No. 17: Arlington

  • No. 24: Dallas

  • No. 26: El Paso

  • No. 55: Houston

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