The Picky Buyer Illness: Are you Afflicted with This?

Since buying a home will most likely be your largest financial investment, it is understandable that you wouldn’t settle for anything less but the best. However, looking for the perfect home is like looking for “The One” in your love life: he/she can be all too good in your dreams, but nothing in the scope of reality will such a being ever exist. Therefore, we give you sound advice on how to find the perfect home that would suit your needs and gloss over the small imperfections that you can actually live with. The BIG question: are you a picky home buyer as described below?

Picky Buyer Symptom 1: You Got a Checklist, AND you won’t compromise.

It’s a good idea to prepare a checklist of what you want and what you need in a home to help you systematically create a short-list of listings that are worth looking into. However, you also have to be open about modifying that checklist as you go through the home selection stage. Remember that flexibility is your friend, and priorities always change—that short-list may be ideal now, but not anymore in 2-3 months.

Picky Buyer Symptom 2: "This is the ONLY house I’ll ever buy; it’s my first too—it has to be PERFECT."

First-time home buyers harbor the odd notion that their first home purchase is actually the house they will be living in forever. In reality, a starter home wouldn’t have the pool you like, would most likely be far from where you work, would be too small for comfort, and a tad too unattractive for your connoisseur tastes. But that’s how things work as a first-time buyer; you pick a home that you can afford and covers the basic items in your checklist. Want practical advice? Keep that dream home in your goals but build equity in a starter home first so you won’t find yourself losing money with renting while waiting for your dream home.

Picky Buyer Symptom 3: We can do repairs in 3 days; I’ve seen it on TV!

Not everything you see on TV is real. If you firmly believe that what you see on shows like “House Crashers” and “Property Brothers” can be applied to super-speed fixes on your home, then you’re wrong: renovation work is paced. It’s better to think about repairs and upgrades based on the amount of renovation work you can afford, NOT on the total amount of changes you want done on a property just because you are unhappy with how it currently looks.

Picky Buyer Symptom 4: Your agent is starting to hate you.

While the Cain Team is committed to providing you with the professional service you deserve, some agents out there are just not ready to deal with your nitpicking attitude. Agents should give enough room for clients to discover things about the home they are looking for and the decisions that involve their purchase, but there is a thin line between being picky and simply being not ready to buy a home. Do you really want to buy a home but you are having difficulty making a decision? Then trust your agent; he works to keep you satisfied—he works to earn your trust.

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