Several Austin-based Companies Make it to List of Best Workplaces in Texas for 2017

Austin is known to be the hub of tech companies in the region, and with the area's low unemployment rate, organizations often find it challenging to recruit and retain the best professionals in the area. Thus, it is common knowledge among Austin-based companies that, in order to hire and keep the best, they should be able to offer the best job perks and a positive office culture that would make employees WANT to stay.

All the same, five tech companies in Austin did just that and succeeded in making it to Fortune's new list of businesses in Texas with the highest levels of employee satisfaction. Fortune magazine's "50 Best Workplaces in Texas" was based on data derived from over a hundred thousand employees that anonymously provided feedback on companies that they have worked/are currently working for. Factors such as team camaraderie and professional development were considered in coming up with the final list. The five Austin-based companies that made it to the list are:

  • Square Root Inc.
  • Cirrus Logic Inc.
  • Indeed Inc.
  • BP3 Global Inc.
  • AcademicWorks Inc.

It came as a surprise that perennial winner, Whole Foods Market Inc., did not make it to 2017's list. For more information on the data provided, you can access the summary of the survey here.

What is your opinion on Austin having 5 of the best workplaces in Texas? Does it have anything to do with our city being the center of the tech industry in the area, or is our city really just the best place to live and work? Leave a comment or send us your opinion by clicking here.

This article first appeared in the Austin Business Journal and can be accessed here.

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