Secret Santa and More!

On Friday, Cain Realty Group spent the morning working and the afternoon playing! Before everyone jetted off to be with their family and friends over the holidays, Cain Realty Group wanted to celebrate the holidays together. The most exciting part of the day was that it was all a surprise!! Ricky and Kodikay planned an eventful afternoon…

We shut things down in the office at noon and headed out to the Cain’s home for some yummy treats and Christmas drinks! With still no clue where we were going, we got to our first location-lunch! We enjoyed queso and margaritas and chatted about our favorite Christmas traditions.

After lunch we piled into cars and headed over to Barton Creek Mall. We all gathered in the center of the mall waiting to be directed to our surprise when Kodikay passed out envelopes. Inside was money for each of us AND for a coworker. We were confused until we read the envelope…

“Roses are red, violets are blue,

Here’s some cash for your secret Santa and you!

Now scurry along and be a little elf,

Find a gift for your secret Santa

And yourself!”

At the bottom of the poem was a coworker’s name chosen at random. For the next hour we scattered across the mall looking for the perfect gift at the right price for our secret Santa! We were under strict orders not to tell anyone who was our secret Santa.

Once we all gathered back together with our presents hidden in various bags we piled into cars and headed back to the Cain home where we exchanged our gifts and gleefully exposed who each person was shopping for.

Cain Realty Group had an amazing “office” party (even though we only spent half the day in the office!) Kodikay and Ricky put a great deal of thought and effort into our whole day and the team was incredibly grateful. Everyone was so appreciative of one another, it was an awesome day spent with a great group of people.

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