Savills Names Austin as Top Tech City in the World for 2017

Austin takes the top spot in the newly-released report of Savill's top tech cities in the world. The research program came up with the final list top 22 cities with the goal to understand the "many diverse drivers that make up good cities for the tech industry."

Five Criteria, 22 Cities

The research program used five criteria with over a hundred metrics to define what a top tech city is. These criteria are:

  • Tech environment – Does it serve as a big tech hub in its global region?
  • Business environment – Does it have its fair share of homegrown start-ups and incubators?
  • City buzz and wellness – Do global tech companies see it as a top choice for expansion?
  • Talent pool – Does the environment attract talent with its vibrance? and;
  • Housing affordability – Can employees find decent living spaces that they can afford?

Twenty-two cities made it to this year's list. Here is a breakdown of the top 22 cities and how they ranked across these categories.

Image of Savills Tech Cities Rankings Chart

Austin vs. San Francisco

San Francisco still holds the top spot for creating the most tech jobs, but the latest report ranks Austin as first when it comes to affordability and abundance in talent. San Francisco is second in this year's list. The report also mentions that Austin's high quality of life is a key factor that made the city successful in attracting human capital.

Moving to Austin?

We can't blame you if you want to move to Austin with its high quality of life and promise to the advancement of your career, so we'll help you make it happen. If you are looking into exploring your opportunities in the tech industry, Austin is the right place to be. Got questions on how to move to Austin? Please feel free to send a message here.

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