Round Rock One of the Cheapest Places to Live, according to Kiplinger

Round Rock in Austin is affordable real estateAffordable housing in an area that boasts high incomes isn’t easy to come by. In the Austin metro area, however, there are great options that are seeing newcomers arrive in droves. Lured by large paychecks and affordable living, migrants are taking up residence in Austin’s suburbs with hopes of better chances at prosperity and happiness. The good sense of those suburban residents is validated in the recent Kiplinger report that names Austin’s sleeper community of Round Rock as one of the cheapest places in the U.S. to live.

High Paying Jobs and Low Cost Living

According to the Kiplinger report, the median household income in Round Rock is $53,046. The average for the area is about $17,000 higher than the national average. Factor in an average cost of living that’s 9.4 percent below the national average and you’ve got improved odds for greater wealth attainment without denying yourself the luxury of fun. For instance, a Friday night out with the family at a local Round Rock Express baseball game - complete with fireworks, playscapes and splash pool for kids - will run you a measly $7 per ticket for entrance. To afford to live in such a wallet-friendly environment, there are an abundance of job opportunities in the area.

Some of Round Rock’s major jobs providers include Dell and motor maker TECO-Westinghouse. Though completely different types of businesses, they represent the diversity of jobs offered there. Job seekers of almost any skill set can find a good job match here. The state also does its part toward keeping its workers’ money in their pockets by imposing no state income taxes. With a lack of state income tax, the citizens of Round Rock can put more of their income to use.

Easy Access to Austin Boosts Real Estate Values

Perhaps the biggest perk Round Rock residents have is the easy access to Austin. Just a short drive down Interstate 35 will gain access to the heart of the state’s capital city. Once there, visitors can find a wide range of entertainment, dining and even more jobs. Its proximity to Austin gives Round Rock real estate added value without the larger price tag. With so much to offer, it’s not hard to argue that the Austin metropolitan area is one of the best - and cheapest - places to live. Austin's outlying community of Round Rock is a great real estate investment at an accomodating price. 


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