Renovation Works that Pay Off When You Sell Your Home

The most recent Cost vs. Value report of Remodeling Magazine for 2016 enumerates the types of renovation work that has the most return on investment. Are you thinking about doing upgrades on your home, thinking that this would add value to your home? Then you might want to work on THESE projects to make sure you're spending your time and effort on upgrades that do pay:

Garage Door Installation

Beautifying your garage's facade can cost you about $1652, but its resale value once you sell the home is estimated at about $1512-- around 91.5% of the original expense being recouped. The reason? Garage doors play an important part on your home curb's appeal. Make what your buyers see outside amazing and you will likely have several buyers all eager to check out your home.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Stone veneer adds appeal to the home, and if we follow the saying that "first impressions last", having manufactured stone veneer on your home's exterior automatically makes it a classy home that can charm any picky buyer. The project can cost you $7519, but 92.9% of your project cost can easily recouped with its estimated resale value of $6988.

Fiberglass Insulation for Attics

A large running cost of owning a home is the airconditioning in its interior. Therefore, it is necessary that the interior of the home is prepped up to efficiently keep the right conditioned temperature in prevent outside temperature from entering the home. Fiberglass insulation for attics cost about $1268, but they do a pretty good job of serving the purpose of controlling home temperature that its estimated resale value is $1482-- about 116.9% of the cost being recouped.

...and heres a BONUS!

Once the renovation bug bites you, it can be easy to find areas of the home that needs improvement. But of all renovation works you can start, you have to think twice about working on a bathroom addition. The job can cost you $42,233, but at a resale value of only $23,727, it isn't actually a wise investment choice with only 56.2% of your cost recouped.

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