Popular Austin Attraction Approved for Demolition

The Historic Landmark Commission unanimously approved the demolition of the concrete walls and slabs that make up the local attraction, Grafitti Park by an 8-0 vote. The Austin symbol and attraction is expected to be turned into a condo development.  

The graffiti-smothered area, officially known as the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, opened in 2011 to muralists following a South-by-Southwest event. The concrete walls and slabs that evolved into a public canvas were leftovers from a failed multi-family development from the 1980s. 

Although the property is not considered historic by city standards, the Historic Preservation office said that because of its value to the community, the site cannot be demolished without "comprehensive photo-documentation of the existing conditions,' for preservation at the Austin History Center. Mid-City Development, the company that owns the current park site, will be responsible for the documentation of the graffiti gallery. One of the concrete slabs from the park will be moved to the new location of HOPE Outdoor Gallery as a memorial.


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