Online Searches for Homes are Becoming a Consumer Pastime-- Google

Recent research by Google reveals that Americans spend 55 minutes per online visit with real estate apps on their phones, on average. John Thornton, Google's partner in real estate business, esteems that "customers roll over in the morning and start looking at real estate listings [on their phone]."

Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Google's respondents in the study call this new habit "shopping for real estate fun". The study also reveals that around 64% of respondents keep browsing through listings long after they purchase a home. Another important finding of the study is that home buyers browse through real estate sites for three years, on average, before they buy. And among people currently browsing through listings either through websites or mobile apps, about one in five are actually in the market to buy a home.

Want to try how entertaining browsing through real estate listings is? Click here.

The original article detailing Google's recent study was published by TheRepublic/ For a more condensed version of the report, you can access Realtor®'s summary here.

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