New Study Shows Smoking Can Reduce Home's Resale Value

New Study Shows Smoking Can Reduce Home's Resale Vaue

If you've ever wondered what factors might decrease your home's value, then you might want to check out this intriguing article from the Chicago Tribune. New studies have indicated that cigarette smoking can drastically decrease the value of your home by thousands of dollars. Furthermore, there are startling health issues that can be related to "Third-hand" smoke effects, or the noxious residue that is left behind on surfaces of the home. 

We've personally experienced this issue on multiple homes, and witnessed how the smell of smoke can immediately affect buyer’s attitudes towards a home. Though there are many options for odor removal companies, rarely do they actually get rid of the entire odor.

Check out this interesting article on the effects of smoking on home values, and let us know if you've had any similar experiences.

Link to Smoking Can Affect Home's Resale Value by Chicago Tribune

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