New in Austin: Construction of Surf Park is Making Waves

The NLand Surf Park is a 160-acre water park located near the intersection of Hwy 71 and Navarro Creek Road. Located close to the airport, the massive wave pool the size of nine football fields is truly an amazing sight for travellers, both in a plane and in cars. The water attraction is designed to make artificial waves for surfers to enjoy. Backed by Coors Brewking Co. heir Doug Coors of Colorado, the project is currently undergoing construction and testing activities with a projected summer 2017 opening.

Aerial photos taken by the Austin Business Journal last July 7 (shown here) shows the lagoon to be nearly finished. However, other parts of the park are still evidently under construction.

To learn more about this development project, you can check out our blog or access the article from which this post was based here.

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