Most Profitable Companies in the US: Austin Ranked #2

Successful companies are truly inspiring and motivating. The success of their business depends on their ability to generate profit. Profit is the positive financial gain a business makes after they subtracted all their expenses. Earning a profit is crucial to the survival of the business because it impacts the company’s ability to secure financing from institutions and attract investors to expand the operations.


Profit is the financial return or reward that business owners and investors are aiming to achieve which measures the success of their business. Recently, Fortune 500 has released its annual ranking of the country's most profitable companies. The ranking was based on the total company revenue for the last fiscal year, while calculating profits, return to investors, number of employees, assets, and earnings per share. Austin’s two prominent employers comes in at No.2 and No.4


1. Walmart




3. Exxon Mobil


4. Apple


5. CVS Health


Full list of the 10 companies ranked

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