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Top 10 Cities Where Millennials are Living Alone

A recent report compiled by Zillow identifies the top U.S. cities where millennials are currently living alone. The significance of this data lies in the growing purchasing power of millennials and how they are affecting the current real estate market. Richmond has the highest share of millennials living solo in the entire U.S. Our very own city, Austin, made it to the top list at the 8th spot. 

Among the factors that were considered for selecting the cities that made it to the list are the abundance of amazing career opportunities, housing expenses considered affordable for a millennial's salary, and the ability to save more-- thanks to a lower standard of living.

To know more about the metro areas with the greatest share of millennials living solo, you can check out our blog about...

Hot New Listing in South Austin! 6003 Blanco River Pass

6003 Blanco River Pass South Austin Home for SalePerfect home in one of South Austin's most highly desired neighborhoods. This home has soaring ceilings, endless natural light and an expansive master suite. Home has recent HVAC and a stunning stone fireplace. Ideal enclosed sunroom leads out to the large, tree-shaded backyard, and behind the back fence you will find a private lush wooded area! Prime location that feeds to award winning schools and enjoy quick access to Mopac & Downtown Austin! Find out more about this amazing home here!

6003 Blanco River Pass South Austin Home for Sale...

Hot New Listing in the Circle C Area! 5744 Gorham Glen Ln

5744 Gorham Glen Ln Circle C Home for Sale

Gorgeous home in highly desired Circle C neighborhood. Boasts soaring ceilings and an incredible open floor plan. Endless natural light floods through the home, and the entire back of the house overlooks a perfect spacious backyard. Stunning hard wood floors and granite countertops are just a few of the high end finishes in this home. Ideal first floor master suite and multi-functional upstairs space. Located near award winning school and endless amenities! To find out more, please click here.

5744 Gorham Glen Ln Circle C Home for Sale...

Attention All Home Buyers: Did You Check on THESE Things?

Home buying is a fun and demanding process, but buyers are often overwhelmed with the adventure that they mostly dwell on "the fun part". However, aside from looking for homes online and going to showings, there are boring-yet-still-as-important facets of home buying that you shouldn't overlook. While working with a realtor can help prevent home buying mishaps, it wouldn't hurt to add to your wisdom by learning what you, as a buyer, should double-check when purchasing your dream home. Here are some things you should know/learn/investigate as a buyer:

1. Your home's resale value

You may currently be in the market as a home buyer, but that doesn't mean you should not think like a seller. REMEMBER: In X years, you will sell the home you are currently acquiring due to the need for a bigger place, a job transfer, family needs, etc. It's wise to think how much you can get for...

Bad Home Selling Advice You Should NEVER Believe

As soon as people learn that you are selling your home, most of them come flocking on your door step and offering "good advice" on how to do it right. And unsurprisingly, with the onslaught of a dozen or so well-meaning friends, some tips would come contradictory with each other. Here's one piece of professional advice you SHOULD take: Don't take everyone's advice! As much as your family and friends want to help you out in the best way they can, here are some BAD home selling advice you should never believe:

[Bad] Tip 1: Sell your home in the spring/summer

While it's true that spring and summer are the best times to look for a home, opening your listing only during a restricted period in a year will limit your prospective buyers to the people who look for a home only during those times. Home buyers actually look for a home 24/7/365 at home, at night, using their computer, so why not make a bigger prospective...

Buyer Antics You Should Avoid

Home buyers are a blessing to real estate agents, and you just have to believe them whenever they say that they are happy working for you (because they really are!). While most home buyers think that agents are just in on it for the commission, most realtors we know actually get a kick out of being able to positively contribute to a person's life and future by helping them find the home of their dreams.

But your agent's love for you has its limits, especially if you are "[un]knowingly" committing these home buying faux pas. We bring you Realtor's list of 4 home buying antics you should avoid:

1.  Caring too much about aesthetics (tile color, wallpaper, etc.) The aesthetics of a home are going to change when you buy the home, as these will be...

How to Sell Your Home in 7 Steps

We all have different reasons for selling a home, but most sellers go through one universal process. If this is your first time selling your home, then it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the seven steps all sellers have to go through in order to sell their property:

1. Prepare to sell your house. Before creating an active listing for your property, you have to take care of important documentation first, such as new seller disclosure statements, form agreements, etc.

2. Hire a listing agent. Doing the second step will actually make the rest of the steps easier to handle. Hire a realtor who can help you with marketing, pricing, negotiating, filling up forms, inspecting, etc. A local-based realtor is the best candidate because of his/her familiarity with your neighborhood.

3. Finalize your home price. Consider market...

The New Hot Spots Where Americans Are Moving Right Now

A recent study conducted by Realtor® reveals that Austin is one of the top U.S. cities where Americans are moving. Using three data sets from the Census Bureau for migration data from 2009-2013, cross-metro moving requests on®, and Cross-metro search traffic on®, Realtor® concluded that Austin is the 5th city where Americans are moving. 

Affordable housing and strong job markets are what these cities have to offer, so it comes as no surprise that Americans are moving their lives to these cities where better opportunities present themselves.

Austin, as a home of 2 million people, shows tremendous increase in its population based on how its population multiplied eight times from 50 years ago. Experts claim that it started when IBM opened a facility in the area. The tech boom soon followed, and today we have Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel, and Samsung as some of the largest tech companies with a base in the Texan Capital....

Austin Ranked as One of U.S.' Hottest Real Estate Markets

While rising home prices may be an indicator of an impeding housing bubble, experts clarify that this may not always be the case. There are certain markets where rising home prices and increasing bidding wars are actually caused by housing shortage and not a housing meltdown. chief economist Jonathan Smoke says, “only the most qualified buyers are able to get financing... ...flipping is back to normal. And we’re building about half as many homes as we need.” 

Analyzing 50 of the largest metro markets in the nation and looking at their housing trends for the past 15 years, they found that there are certain markets where high prices can't be sustained and are showing signs of overheating. Smoke would like to clarify, however, that none of these metros are in "bubble territory". Smoke says some markets are facing certain risks,...

Austin Home Sales Rising; Suburbs Stand to Gain the Most

Residential real estate growth is becoming more and more evident in Austin as sales in the suburban periphery continue to rise. Sales that were once confined to downtown Austin are now radiating outward, as buyers look into investing in suburban homes that are within the boundaries of downtown.

Records show that home sales in Austin reached 1,340 in June and a 4.4% increase in year-over-year sales data as confirmed by the Austin Board of Realtors. The total number of sales in Austin have reached 6,150 for the first half of 2016, which is 3.6% higher than sales made in the same period last year. Experts now believe that it could easily break its own home sales record once again.

Growth is most evident in suburban Austin, as places like Buda, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Hutto, Lakeway, Leander, and Manor reach...

Facts about Foreign Home Buyers in the U.S.

Data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that foreign home buyers have invested over $102.6 billion on 214,885 properties from April 2015 to March 2016. The top home buying country for two years in a row is China, followed by Canada, India, the U.K., and Mexico.

Half of foreign home buyers pay in cash when purchasing a home. And 65% of all investments are detached single-family properties. Because of the diaspora of expats and buyers based abroad, the properties purchased are main residences and vacation homes.

Data suggests that foreign home buyers are buying in almost all states, but 5 states made up 51% of purchases in the period covered by NAR's report. Here are the Top 5 Preferred States by Foreign Home Buyers, their corresponding percentage of sales, and the median purchase prices in each area:

5. New York (4%)- $542,084 (Chinese buyers)

4. Arizona (4%)- $222,310 (Canadian buyers)


New in Austin: Construction of Surf Park is Making Waves

The NLand Surf Park is a 160-acre water park located near the intersection of Hwy 71 and Navarro Creek Road. Located close to the airport, the massive wave pool the size of nine football fields is truly an amazing sight for travellers, both in a plane and in cars. The water attraction is designed to make artificial waves for surfers to enjoy. Backed by Coors Brewking Co. heir Doug Coors of Colorado, the project is currently undergoing construction and testing activities with a projected summer 2017 opening.

Aerial photos taken by the Austin Business Journal last July 7 (shown here) shows the lagoon to be nearly finished. However, other parts of the park are still evidently under construction.

To learn more about this development project, you can check out our blog or access the article from which this post was based ...

Austin Makes it to Top 10 List of Mobile-Friendly U.S. Cities

A recent NerdWallet Inc. report includes Austin in it's list of most mobile-friendly U.S. cities.

Analyzing data from the country's 50 most populous cities, NerdWallet examined carrier network performance, customer service ratings, mobile websites, and information on taxes and crime risk.

Thanks to the fast upload speeds and rave customer service reviews of Austin, it gained the tenth spot in a list dominated by mostly California-based cities. With an average wireless tax rate and 8th city with the highest number of mobile phone stores, the Texan capital has 4.6 stores to cater per 10,000 residents.

To know more about the other cities that made it to list and the metrics used by NerdWallet in coming up with the top ten list, you can read the ...

Survey Points to Austin as Best U.S. City to Launch a Tech Startup

Pennsylvania-based Sungard Availability Services Capital Inc. ranked the city of Austin as the best U.S. city for launching a technology startup in its latest survey. The Texan capital was ranked first according to the number of new tech entrepreneurs and third according to the percentage of the city's workforce directly employed in a tech job.

The other cities that made it to the list are New York (2nd), Seattle (3rd), Denver (4th), and Atlanta (5th). Notable tech city San Francisco ranked sixth, and Houston landed the tenth spot.

March data shows that salaries of tech-based jobs have increased by 30% percent in the last decade-- a testament to the growing influence of the tech sector in the city. Data from career website shows that tech jobs in Austin offer salaries up to $98,672-- the highest salary offering for Texas-based...

The Cain Team Supports Travis Country's Fourth of July Parade

Cain Realty Group showed support in the annual TC 4th of July Parade organized by the TC Social Committee by giving out bottles of water to parade participants and spectators. The parade kicked off at 9:00AM this morning at Knob Oak Lane, where participants in their beautifully-decorated red, white and blue costumes, floats, and vehicles all lined up to join the festivities.

It was a festive morning of the 4th of July as new neighborhood block floats added to the parade participants. Red, white, and blue dominated the streets as the entire Travis Country community celebrated our great country. Participants were delighted with the free bottles of water provided by the team as the parade went along its route with cheering spectators looking on.

Parade participants felt especially patriotic and competitive this year, as the TC Social committee provided new opportunities for fun competition with prizes at stake. There were corresponding prizes for the best decorations, best bike, best costumes, etc. Winners...

The Cain Team Holds 6th Annual Apple Pie Giveaway

Apple Pie Giveaway

Cain Realty Group shows that the 4th of July is not only a day of celebrating patriotism-- it can also be a day of giving if we so choose. Today is the 6th annual 4th of July Apple Pie Giveaway, and Cain Realty Group continues the tradition of giving a little something to our beloved clients and friends as a token of our gratitude for their trust.

Big, luscious, freshly-baked apple pies were handed to each one of our cherished clients -- an event we LOVE holding as we get to see some familiar faces as well as make new friendships within the community. Nothing tastes better on the 4th of July like a piece of fresh apple pie!

Here are some photos of our delicious giveaways for the day:

Apple Pie Giveaway...

The Cain Team Hires New Client Care Coordinator

Brittani Ash Client Care Coordinator Cain Realty GroupCain Realty Group is proud to introduce the newest member of its powerhouse real estate team: Please welcome Ms. Brittani Ash!

As a way to ensure quality service and a seamless transaction experience for our clients, we now provide the services of a Client Care Coordinator who will help you through your home buying or home selling experience.

Brittani pursued her dream of living in Austin after earning a Bachelor's Degree in Business from Texas A&M University. She brings transaction management experience to her role as the Client Care Coordinator for Cain Realty Group. She seeks to serve clients throughout the contract to close process by providing a world-class...