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Bad Home Selling Advice You Should NEVER Believe

As soon as people learn that you are selling your home, most of them come flocking on your door step and offering "good advice" on how to do it right. And unsurprisingly, with the onslaught of a dozen or so well-meaning friends, some tips would come ...

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Buyer Antics You Should Avoid

Home buyers are a blessing to real estate agents, and you just have to believe them whenever they say that they are happy working for you (because they really are!). While most home buyers think that agents are just in on it for the commission, most ...

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How to Sell Your Home in 7 Steps

We all have different reasons for selling a home, but most sellers go through one universal process. If this is your first time selling your home, then it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the seven steps all sellers have to go ...

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