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Austin ranks 3rd among large metros Creating the Highest Wage Jobs based on measures of the growth and vitality of the professional & business services sector.

As the Country moves toward full employment, at least as economists define it, the quality of jobs has replaced joblessness as the primary concern. The biggest challenge for most parts of the U.S. is not getting more people into the workforce but rather driving the creation of the types of jobs that can sustain a middle-class quality of life.

By far the nation's largest high-wage sector -- including such fields as law, accounting, architecture, advertising, engineering, scientific research and development, and computer systems design. New Geography took a greater look at which metropolitan areas are gaining the most professional and business services jobs and the trends that are driving some to pull ahead while others fade. The rankings look at employment in the sector over time -- assessing short, medium and long-term job trends and adding in variables for persistence...

Boost Your Home’s Value with These Tips and Tricks

Buying a home is likely the biggest investment you make in your lifetime. Whether you are looking to sell it or enjoy it for the long haul, it is important to take care of your investment. The upkeep of your home is what makes it truly your space, as well as making or breaking you in the selling process.  

The first thing people notice about your home is the exterior, therefore, having a strong “curb appeal’ is exceptionally important. In order to easily update and upkeep your home, here are a few tips and tricks to boost your home’s value!

 1.       Landscaping is key

In 2007, conducted a survey of 2,000 brokers indicating that well-planned landscaping can potentially quadruple an investment of $400-$500. Focusing on creating a healthy lawn, filling in...

Home Security Tips For The Summer

With the increase of the temperature, also comes an increase in the number of burglaries in the summer months. This makes home security especially important. Ooma, a smart home phone, and security company offer six tips for preventing break-ins.


Front door surveillance: 34% of break-ins happen through the front door of a home. Equipping your home with this device is a great way to not only have peace of mind but to ensure the safety of your home. Having a camera system at the front will allow you to check in on the activity at home, straight from your phone. Another security option Ooma recommends is investing in a two-way speaker that will give unwanted visitors the impression the owner is home.  ...

Austin Earns Spot #25 on List of Most Diverse Cities in America

Thanks to the rapid demographic diversification, America is undergoing an extreme makeover and soon you won’t even recognize her. Not only have the waves of immigration changed the face of the nation, this diversification also ushers in fresh perspectives, skills, and technologies to help the U.S. develop a strong adaptability to change. 

Economies that are open to embracing new ideas, generally fare better than those who are less willing to adhere to the new growth. Conversely, those relying on old ways and specialized industries tend to be more susceptible to the negative effects of market volatility.

WalletHub’s analysis tallied the scores across five major diversity categories for 501 of the largest cities in order to determine the most kaleidoscopic places...

Austin Area Fourth of July Events

Need a great spot to watch fireworks with the family? No worries, we’ve got you covered with a full list of great places to celebrate this Independence Day! 

Celebrate in Austin, TX

Annual Travis Country 4th of July Parade
4401 Knob Oak Lane
Austin, TX 78735
Bring the whole family for fun-filled, patriotic morning! Various activities such as water balloon fights, a tattoo station, and Kona Ice Snow Cones as well as various refreshments. Come decked out in your most patriotic gear and have a chance to win big! This is one parade you don’t want to miss out on!

Austin is a Top 10 Tech Market in Cushman & Wakefield’s inaugural “Tech Cities 1.0” report

Cushman & Wakefield explores tech cities in the U.S., including big players today and those to watch. TechCities 1.0 takes a close look at market drivers in an effort to distinguish tech cities across the U.S.

#1 Silicon Valley

#2 San Francisco

#3 Washington DC Metro

#4 Boston/ Cambridge

#5 Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill

#6 Seattle

#7 Austin

#8 Denver Boulder

#9 San Diego

#10 Madison, Wisconsin

To learn the analytics used to complete this study please click...