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4 Signs that a VA Loan is Right for You

The VA loan option for our servicemen is equivalent to a small token of gratitude for the services of our brave American brethren who have dedicated their lives for the greater good of our beloved nation. From $0 downpayment, no mortgage insurance limits, to having no limits on what buyers can pay in closing costs, the VA loan is the key for many military members and veterans to secure a place they can truly call their own.

While there are millions of veterans and military members assisted by the program since World War II, not all may be qualified for a VA loan. If you are looking into getting a VA loan, then you have to make sure that you qualify with these 4 important factors:


In order to be eligible for a VA-backed mortgage, certain service requirements have to be met. Here are some of the service...

Austin Makes it to List of Top 10 U.S. Cities for Jobs

TUESDAY TIP: Working with a Real Estate Seller's Agent

It is natural for home owners to expect the highest return on investment when selling their home. In fact, many owners decide to open up their home for selling without the help of a real estate agent. But will skimping on the professional services and commission intended for a real estate professional be truly worth it?

This article is a direct-to-the-point guide on why every home seller needs a seller's agent. (Sorry guys, it's not a promotional article. It's just plain. cold. truth.)

Buyers prefer to deal with agents (because they have agents representing them)

Even if you choose to handle the sale of your home by yourself, you might find difficulty in transacting with prospective buyers because they will likely approach you through their own agent. Buyer's agents, in turn, are hesitant to deal with properties that are FSBO (for sale by owner) due to the possibility of encountering problems during the transaction process because of your...

Latest Realtor® Survey Shows 2016 a Home-Buying War

survey_graphic-01Many buyers were frustrated when last year's market displayed an appalling deficiency in available homes for sale. With heavy competition from more home investors in a poorly-stocked real estate market inventory, many were put off in buying a home. This year, the people who were unsuccessful in finding a property to purchase in the last home buying season will join a larger group of home buyers. Analysts are expecting things to be very chaotic in the spring and summer home buying season this 2016.

A recent article published by Realtor® discusses 2016 as the busiest spring buying season the United States has seen in a decade. And with sales data from a ...

Tips to Beat the Heat: Summer Tips for Dogs and Their Owners

We know how hot the summer in Austin can get, but what's the heat when there's a thousand fun things you can do under the bright, Austin sun? While it's a time for parks, outdoor adventure, swimming, and basically any physical activity that can help you get a gorgeous tan, you still have to be careful and protect yourself and your furry canine friends from the scorching heat.

Cain Realty Group brings you a practical check list on how to protect you and your canine from the warm temperatures looming ahead. Follow this guide and you will surely have a fun and safe time outdoors with man's best friend:

  • Don't leave your pets in an unattended vehicle. If you can't bring your dog with you, (you should have left the dog at home to begin with!) you can either leave him inside the car with cool airconditioning in full blast, or let him stay at a designated area nearby with ample shade and water.
  • Avoid walking on hot surfaces like asphalt....

We're Hiring Inside Sales Professionals

Cain Realty Group We are HiringIn order to meet our goal of being able to continue our non-profit work and serve 220 families in 2016, we are still looking to complete our Inside Sales Team.  We are looking for those that are extremely motivated to succeed, yet have a passion for providing jaw-dropping customer service.  Our team culture is amazing and growth oriented, and we are passionate about helping our team members reach their highest possible potential.  Below is more information regarding this opportunity:

Responsible for: Developing business opportunities within specific geographies served...

2016 RED Day is for Rehabilitation of Pease Park

2016 KW Red DayAustin's beautiful Pease Park was once a flood-ravaged recreational center that appeared to have lost any hope for rehabilitation. But a year later, it now has a $6.2 million watershed protection project that aims to preserve the 88 acre Shoal Creek greenbelt [which includes Pease Park] for years to come.

The project includes the renovation of the park to prevent damage from future floods, with the community going all-out in supporting the initiative.

“It’s stabilizing the banks and moving waste water out of the creek beds, the recent rains have all really done no damage to the park.”

--Andy Gill, Executive Director of Pease Park Conservancy 

A testament to the community's all-out support for the project is the celebration...

Metro or Suburb: Where Millennials are Buying Homes

In a SmartAsset study published this May, there are interesting findings that give insight on recent millennial buying trends and their choice of location when making a real estate investment. As part of our accolades blog post series, we bring you the latest praise from a reputable scientific study conducted to enlighten young buyers where it's best to buy a home (HINT: Texas is in the list. Why should we even be surprised?).

Premise 1: The study noted that homeownership rate among young people has been steadily declining in the past few years, with home owners aged 35 and below at 43% in 2005, but with today's rate of the same group at only 35%.

Premise 2: Many factors may have affected the shift, such as the rising housing cost in cities, but data suggests that homeownership among young adults is not declining at all. In 21 of the largest 200 cities in the U.S., homeownership rate among adults under 35 have...

The Ideal Home for Young Families

In a study published by the National Association of Realtors®, it was found that the millennials comprised of 35% of the home buying population in 2015. That’s more than the combined number of younger and older buyer groups active in the housing market. And what makes it more interesting is that millennials have shown remarkable participation and dominance in the housing market for the past three years.

While this data may initially appear insignificant to a home seller, taking advantage of this data may actually help you sell your home faster. Since most millennials are married and/or preparing to build a family, their search for an affordable home that can accommodate a growing household makes suburban homes an option over expensive and cramped urban dwellings.

If you would like to capture the heart of young family buyers to help you sell your...

Home Owners are Investing on Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades

A recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders Remodelers (an arm of the NAHB) has seen an increase in larger remodeling projects undertaken by home owners. Aside from the most common remodeling projects for the bathroom and kitchen, many home owners are also working on large and small-scale additions that have not been seen since the last economic downturn. This was confirmed by Kansas-based NAHB Remodelers chair Tim Shigley, CAPS, CGP, GMB, GMR.

The notable increase in remodeling projects started in 2013 with a 10% increase in whole house remodels, 12% increase in room additions, 8% increase in finished basements, and 7% in bathroom additions. Most recent survey data pinpoints bathroom projects as the most common remodeling job since 2010. Around 81% of remodelers reportedly took on at least one bathroom remodeling project in 2015. Kitchen remodels come in at a close second with 79%.

According to the NAHB’s Remodeling Market...

QUIRKY WEEKEND READ: Neighbors Complain About Frontyard Zombie

HOAs vs Property OwnersIt’s understandable to believe that you can do anything you want with your property; after all, it’s YOURS. However, neighbors can still get in the way of you enjoying creative freedom in your home, especially if you are doing something that they believe MAY affect the value of their home. Don’t believe me? Here’s the story of a Nashville, TN family whose quirky frontyard décor riled up the neighbors and caused a stir in the local HOA:

The Bayview Homeowners Association wrote a letter to the Grinstead family, asking them to remove their zombie sculpture named “Clawed” which was positioned like, um, a zombie clawing his way out of the ground. While the sculpture has been in the family’s property for the last five years, it only drew criticism when it was relocated...

Austin Among Top U.S. Cities with Fast-Rising Home Values

An article published by The Washington Post and featured by Realtor® identifies the top U.S. cities with the fastest rising home values. Here are the hottest zip codes where home prices have seen a rise as much as 194%:

7. Pittsburgh: ZIP Code: 15224 – 86%

6. Washington: ZIP Code: 20002- 91%

5. New Orleans: ZIP Code: 70119- 108%

4. Nashville: ZIP Code: 37206- 108%

3. Portland: ZIP Code: 97227- 117%

2. Austin: ZIP Code: 78702- 172%

1. New York: ZIP Code: 11216- 194%

Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant (ZIP Code 11216) has seen the most tremendous jump in single-family values among the 300 largest metros studied nationwide by The Washington Post, with 194% (data from 2004 to 2015). As a...

The Picky Buyer Illness: Are you Afflicted with This?

Since buying a home will most likely be your largest financial investment, it is understandable that you wouldn’t settle for anything less but the best. However, looking for the perfect home is like looking for “The One” in your love life: he/she can be all too good in your dreams, but nothing in the scope of reality will such a being ever exist. Therefore, we give you sound advice on how to find the perfect home that would suit your needs and gloss over the small imperfections that you can actually live with. The BIG question: are you a picky home buyer as described below?

Picky Buyer Symptom 1: You Got a Checklist, AND you won’t compromise.

It’s a good idea to prepare a checklist of what you want and what you need in a home to help you systematically create a short-list of listings that are worth looking into. However, you also have to be open about modifying that checklist as you go...

5 Big No-No’s When Selling a Home

Every home seller wishes for nothing short of a smooth home-selling process. But sometimes, things just wouldn’t go as planned. But instead of blaming the stars for your home selling misfortune, it might be a good idea to do some reflection and make sure that you, the home seller, aren’t part of the problem. We bring you horror stories from Realtors® top agents wherein the home sellers committed home selling faux pas. We’re sure you won’t be silly enough to idolize these home sellers, right? Here are 5 no-no’s every home seller should avoid doing:

  1. The seller refuses to sell you their home because they hate you (but they’d love to keep your EMD). Aside from showing bad character, refusing to sell a home to a buyer on the grounds of simply “not liking them at all” is irrational. What’s worse though is when the seller decides to...

NOT A SCAM: Where to Invest Your Money with the Most Promising Returns

A recent Gallup Poll involving 1,000 adults in the United States gave interesting insight on what modern-day Americans perceive as the best long-term investment. Real estate has been the top choice of investment for the past two years and has bested four other popular investment choices: stocks and mutual funds, gold, savings, and bonds.

Thirty-five percent (35%) of the sample's participants chose real estate as their top investment choice. Stocks and mutual funds followed at twenty-two percent (22%); gold at seventeen percent (17%); savings accounts at fifteen percent (15%); and, bonds at seven percent (7%). Current data shows a dramatic change in the preference of the public, since the popular choice in 2011 was gold at thirty-four percent (34%) and real estate at a measly nineteen percent (19%).

Gallup says that "as the average sale price...