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Behemoth Development Project in West Austin Will Provide Thousands of New Homes and Business Centers

The Travis Country Commissioners Court has unanimously approved the master development plan for Thomas Ranch's Travis County portion. The 2,200-acre project will be the site for 3,300 new homes and apartments, as well as a marketplace, shops, entertainment venues, restaurants, a resort, hotel and spa, and other amenities.

Situated on 1,676 acres in western Travis County and 546 acres in Burnet County's eastern portion, Thomas Ranch is one of the biggest proposed development projects in Central Texas in recent years.

According to Tom D'Alesandro of Blakefield LLC, the Illinois-based lead developer of the project, Thomas Ranch is not your ordinary suburban subdivision. The site of the project near the Austin Golf Club traverses State Highway 71 in the south, Paleface Ranch Road up north, and hugs the scenic portions of the Pedernales River. The master-planned community is set to be its...

Austin is No. 7 on ranking of 50 Global Future-Ready Economies Enabling Innovation & Change Through Technology

Dell today recognized 50 cities around the world for embracing technology to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing and globalized future. This ranking, the Dell Future- Ready Economies Model, scores large, high-growth global metropolitan areas based on attributes that enable people and organizations to access new tools and new ideas that deliver better connectivity, better economic performance – and a greater ability to attract talent. By examining the attributes of these communities, Dell can help the public, as well as private organizations, become more Future Ready by identifying policies and technology strategies that will foster growth.

The cities positioned in the Global 50 ranking were evaluated along three dimensions:

  • Human capital: A Future-Ready Economy has people equipped with the right skills to drive meaningful social and economic change.
  • Infrastructure: A Future-Ready Economy...

Austin Makes it to List of Top Cities Where Home Values Drastically Appreciated in 2016

Home Value Appreciation Stats for 2016

Austin is a thriving city with a truly growing economy, but there are just some sectors that cannot grow as well as the others. While industries such as technology and finance are booming in the Texas capital, we can't say that home-flipping is faring just as well in Austin.

Austin is among the list of cities where house-flipping rates are at the lowest (3.4%). This is primarily caused by a booming residential real estate market and extremely low inventory levels.

While other cities that have experienced a foreclosure crisis within the decade have exhibited amazing percentage increases in home sales that qualify as a "flip", this phenomenon excludes...