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It's Christmas! Time to Spruce Ye Ole' Christmas Tree for Your Home

Christmas is still 24 days away, but it's usual for us to think that the holiday season is just around the corner as soon as we flip the pages on our calendars for the month of December. 

And of course, what's Christmas without the perfect tree for your home? This centerpiece of Christmas ornamentation is the key ingredient to make any home feel like Christmas has finally arrived, so Cain Realty Group brings you a list of the best tree farms in and around Austin where you can get the perfect tree to give your yuletide cheer a boost. Here they are:

1. Austin Optimist Club - The Austin Optimist Club has been in business for the past fifty years, with all their profits going straight to youth charities in Austin....

Christmas Fun Starts Here! Join The Cain Team's Photos with Santa Event on December 3rd

Cain Realty Group Photos with Santa Event

Christmas Joy is Here!

Here's a fun and free way to jumpstart the holiday celebrations! We are inviting everyone to our "Photos with Santa Event"! Come with your kiddos and enjoy a free photo shoot with Santa. There are treats and prizes too, plus games to keep the whole family entertained.

The event will be held on Saturday, December 3, 2016, from noon to 5pm at 4504 Travis Country Circle, Austin TX. 

Cain Club points will also be awarded-- so all you have to do is join the fun and we'll give you twice the treat for your attendance.

Good Time to Share

We are also knocking on the doors of your...

Ricky Cain Named as One of 2016's 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents in Texas by Real Estate Executive Magazine

Ricky Cain 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agent in Texas 2016

Cain Realty Group's Ricky Cain has been chosen as one of 2016's “100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents In Texas” by The Real Estate Executive Magazine. The publication conducted a comprehensive analysis of the top performing real estate companies in each state and came up with a list of awardees that are featured in their Winter 2016 issue. The publication...

The Cain Team's Ricky Cain is a Guest Speaker in the Upcoming Real Estate Mastermind Event in Dallas TX

Ricky Cain Real Estate Mastermind 2016Cain Realty Group's Ricky Cain is proud to be a part of one of the largest events for realtors in Texas. This coming December 1, 2016, Ricky will participate as a guest speaker at the 2016 Real Estate Mastermind event in Dallas, Texas. The local event features top producers in the area who have succeeded in today's cut throat market in spite of the changing mortgage industry. Among the topics that will be discussed at the event are current turnkey strategies, predictable real estate systems, and effective marketing techniques that can help maximise your lead conversion. 

Here is a quick excerpt from the official website of Real Estate Mastermind:


Newcomer Domains in Austin Identified by ABJ Report

With the surge of millennials, investors, businessmen, and retirees to Austin, we can't help but wonder where all these new people are buying. After all, the knowledge can be helpful in several ways: we can either invest in newcomer's domains in expectation of a generous ROI, or we can monitor how our very own community is faring with regards to new development-- thanks to the surge (or lack thereof) of new home owners.

The Austin Business Journal created an interactive map (see right) that shows areas in Austin where new home owners are settling. Areas shown in red display higher proportions of residents who have moved in since 2010. Yellow areas, on the other hand, are the areas of the "locals" or residents who have lived in the area before the surge of "new blood".

The U.S. Census Bureau reports...

The Cain Team's Ricky Cain Participates in Agent Education SUPER FEST

Cain Realty Group's Ricky Cain at the Agent SUPER FESTA previous post details the conceptualization of Ricky Cain's "How to Plant, Grow, and Crush Your Geographic Farm". Dedicated to his ultimate goal of setting the bar of excellent real estate service provided to his clients in Austin and the greater Texas area, Ricky continues to impart his knowledge in the industry to real estate professionals by participating in the recently-concluded Agent Education SUPER FEST at Praireville, LA.

The Agent Education SUPER FEST is a day event catering to real estate professionals in Louisiana who want to learn more about their craft and expand on their referral circles at the same...

Home Insurance Types that Buyers Don't Really Need

While it is natural for homeowners to desire protecting their largest investment by purchasing as much home insurance as they can, there are some product types out there that simply aren't worth the purchase. Here are some insurance types that you can make do without if you are hellbent on cutting down on insurance payments:

Private mortgage insurance - Private mortgage insurance is mandatory for home purchases with less than 20% down. However, if you can pay 20% DP or more, then you have the option to avoid the PMI. This mortgage insurance only benefits the lender, so it is best to get rid of it at the soonest possible time. You have the option to use lender-paid PMI, single-payment PMI, or piggyback loans to help you avoid this additional insurance cost.

Mortgage protection life insurance- This insurance type protects your family when it comes to paying your mortgage in case of your unexpected, early demise. However,...

Home Insurance Essentials for First-time Buyers

As a first-time home buyer, you are likely to encounter numerous offers for home insurance. And not just one type, but different kinds! If only we could purchase all to safeguard our largest investment... or should we?

There are home insurance types that are downright necessary; some are good to have but aren't a priority to buy; and some are just useless investments that are best ignored. To make things easier for you, Cain Realty Group brings you a list of home insurance essentials that you should focus on when buying insurance for your home. Be smart with your investment, and smart with your money!

~Home Insurance Must-Haves~

1. Title Insurance - a mandatory requirement when you're getting a mortgage, title insurance ensures that both the lender and the owner will not be financially compromised by any title defects, liens, or other concerns that may come up with the title. This...

Things You Need to Know About a Broker's Open House and Smart Marketing of Your Home

Anyone who wants to sell their home is likely to encounter the prospect of hosting a broker's open house. But don't get the concept wrong; it's an event FOR agents who have buyers who are checking out how suitable your home is for any of their clients. Here's how you'll benefit from a broker's open house and why you should give your agent a "go" in hosting one:

What makes a broker's open house different?

A broker's open house is different from a standard open house because of the people who come to the event. You'd expect buyers to come in a standard open house, but broker's open houses are for agents who represent buyers and other industry professionals. Standard open houses are also hosted commonly on weekends when prospective buyers, curious neighbors,...

Will You Buy Real Estate on Mars?

A recent article featured at features the possibility of humans inhabiting the planet Mars. Nope, we are not featuring a science documentary for a TV show, people. This article is actually about a fact that is about to take place in our lifetimes. At least, that's how Tesla's Elon Musk wants to describe it as he pieces together a team who will pioneer human settlement in Mars.

While the main article (see link above) discusses technicalities such as the first settlements being underground, with the pioneers having been trained to farm, build, and basically do tasks taken care of by 20 different professions here on earth, this article focuses on one interesting aspect discussed in the post. Are you willing to invest on your plot of land in Mars?

After all, looking back, the people who hold much of valuable real estate now are the descendants of individuals who have been awarded homesteads, or who have claimed plots...

We Love Our Veterans!

Happy Veterans Day

Today is a time of year when we should be thankful. We should be thankful because we live in a country where our countrymen are willing to give their lives to the principles and beliefs that make our country great. It is only fitting that today, we extend our sincerest thanks to them for their unparalleled service. To our dear veterans, Happy Veterans Day!

Here is a humble list of useful articles our veterans can make use of if they are planning on buying a home. Cain Realty Group is proud to be of service to you, as we reciprocate in our own little way the service you have extended to all of us here at home:

Never Say These Words When Selling Up

Any home seller would want to close a deal on their home FAST, so it is but natural for us to utter a few flowery words in the hopes of clinching a quick deal. However, selling up a home is one of the few situations when you might want to be extra careful with what you say, as you might not want to wind up putting your foot in your mouth. Cain Realty Group brings you 5 of the most common phrases you should NEVER say as a seller (Yes, we've heard 'em and we've seen the damage that can be done!):

Statement 1: "The house is perfect and ready for move in!" - Of course the house is perfect! Is there a lunatic who would agree to live in a flawed home? But what you see in your home may not be the reality for others. Whether the home is brand new or it is a resale, a buyer will always find things to fix, adjust, replace, and/or remove in order to fit their definition of what a perfect home is. It's better to share to your buyer what you think is the highlight of...

Best Home Upgrades for You to Work On

Working on home projects is a fulfilling endeavor for any home owner. Of course, what's more satisfying than showing off that newly-installed deck or newly-designed interior to visiting friends, and mentioning along the way that, ahem, you just had the extra time and worked on the project all. by. YOURSELF. ?

However, if you are not known for being an excellent handyman, you might still want to invest on some professionally-made home upgrades. After all, you are understandably just too scared to botch a project, so you are willing to leave it in the hands of the professionals (because your neighbors will still admire the handiwork all the same).

We want to help you make informed choices on the best home upgrades that will pay you back. Here is a list of best home upgrades to work on that actually bring you...

A Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing

We can't blame you if you are looking into real estate as a means to grow your investment portfolio. After all, one of the few known and proven vehicles of success with regard to investment is engaging in the real estate business, but it's not as easy as you think it is (because we know you're thinking that if neighbor Bob can do it, you can do it too!). Cain Realty Group brings you the no BS essentials of what you should know when starting out as a real estate investor.

Fact 1:  There are two main strategies to earning money through real estate; you either "fix and flip" or "buy and rent [out]".

These are two different money-making methods, and you have to know which one works better for you before you dive right in.

Fact 2: The fix and flip is as good as how you see it on TV, BUT...

Flipping houses is a lucrative investment strategy when done right,...

Home Maintenance Must-Dos for November

Winter is Coming Home Maintenance To Do in NovemberNovember is fondly known as the "transitional month", the time of year when people get ready for the coming winter, and last-minute touch-ups at home are taken care of before the snow comes. So, before the all-white season comes in, here's a list of to-dos for this month that can help you prepare for the cold winter months!

1. Weatherproofing Work - you have to locate and seal cracks and spaces that would let the heat out and the cold air in. Taking care of this task will minimize your energy expenses, translating almost to 5-30% in savings (according to the U.S. Department of Energy). You can do this yourself by turning off all lights at night,...

The Cain Team Launches Cain Club; Sign up, it's FREE!

Cain ClubWelcome to Cain Club!

Welcome to Cain Club! Cain Club is designed to give users points for various actions that can, in turn, be used to redeem gifts, services, and other exciting prizes provided by Cain Realty Group.

The concept of the rewards system is for users to participate in simple activities listed in the Obtain Points page. The activities can be something as simple as liking a page or sharing an article to friends, with...