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Hot New Listing! 480 Sad Willow Pass

Austin Home for Sale Driftwood Home for Sale 480 Sad Willow Pass

Gorgeous two-story custom quality home with plenty of land and negotiable furniture pieces, window treatments, and accessories. Special features include amazing floor plan, spacious bedrooms, floor-length sliding doors to outside, large kitchen, over-sized 3-car garage, built-in home entertainment, surround sound and security systems! Covered open deck and built-in BBQ with opportunity for customization for any lifestyle.

Austin Home for Sale Driftwood Home for Sale 480 Sad Willow Pass ...

Austin Invests in Pedestrian Safety

The Austin City Council recently approved the execution of a pedestrian safety project worth $1.9 million in an effort to install safety devices all around Austin. As traffic congestion worsens in the city due to its rapid development, citizens have become more reliant on public transportation. With safety devices installed in key locations around Austin, the safety of these public commuters can further be safeguarded.

The grant from TxDOT is specifically intended for the installation of three kinds of safety devices: countdown timers, pedestrian signals, and pedestrian hybrid beacons.  At least 500 intersections will have new countdown timers that feature visual and audible countdown indicators for pedestrians. The timers, according to city documents, will help decrease the incidence of pedestrian crashes in the city by 25%.

Pedestrian signals are similar to countdown timers but provide audible signals on when and when not to talk. These are helpful for visually-impaired...

Tips on How and When to Lock in on Mortgage Rates

One huge question among home buyers who need a loan is this: when to lock in mortgage rates. Some panicky sorts might presume they should lock one in ASAP (because have you seen how rates are rising?), while others argue that the waiting game could pay off (in case rates fall). Who’s right?

A rate lock is important because mortgage interest rates fluctuate in response to market forces—much like the price of apples or homes—and even small fluctuations can cost you big-time.

A mortgage rate lock, as you might guess, locks in an interest rate for your loan for a certain period of time before you close the deal. Let’s say, for instance, you see that rates seem like they’ve hit rock bottom, like at 4%. Lock that in for 30 days, and even if rates shoot up to 5% by the time...

2016 is Best Year for Existing Home Sales in a Decade

December 2016 Housing Snapshot2016 is a year of frustrations as a shortage of available homes on the market gave buyers a tough time. However, a recent report compiled by the National Association of Realtors® indicates that 2016 is, in fact, the best year for existing home sales in a decade.

Over 5.45 million homes were purchased in 2016-- the highest since  2006 when 6.48 million homes were purchased. The data has been pre-adjusted to account for seasonal fluctuations over a 12-month period, so Realtor®'s recent report has been verified.

Joe Kirchner, a senior economist at®, says that the recovery from the U.S. housing bust is still ongoing. And with incomes getting higher,...

Austin Makes it to List of Top U.S. Cities that are Gentrifying the Fastest

One of the current issues in U.S. urban housing is the g-word-- "gentrification". While experts are divided on whether it has a positive or negative impact on the community, it cannot be denied that it is an ongoing trend that all cities are familiar with.

The positive side to gentrification is that it brings in "new blood" and "new life" to a community, thereby broadening the opportunities available in an area that was once quaint-- even lacking-- opportunities that people need to sustain a certain standard of living. However, gentrification also causes the divide between the rich and the poor to broaden, and locals are (allegedly) forced to give up their homes because the higher standard of living brought in by "new blood" is something they can no longer sustain. Whichever side you are on, here are Realtor's 2017 list of U.S. Cties where gentrification is occuring the fastest:

10. Austin, TX 

9. Long Beach, CA


Hot New Listing! 1402 Mesa Park Dr

Round Rock Home for Sale Mesa Park Dr

Fantastic residence in Round Rock with recent tasteful updates including contemporary remodeling improvements to tile back-splash, interior painting, fixtures, kitchen and laundry room beautiful dark-wood cabinets, fixtures, new carpet in bedrooms and wood floors in the living room adjacent to modern, cozy fireplace. Potential for amazing interior design, large backyard, great location nearby local schools and close access to main road.

Round Rock Home for Sale Mesa Park Dr Round Rock Home for Sale Mesa Park Dr...

Today is 'The Worst Day of the Year to Buy a Home': Find Out Why

Congratulations, dear home buyer! Now that the "Worst Day to Buy a Home" (January 19) has passed, you can now proceed with closing on your largest investment.

Wait-- is there really such a day?!

A 2015 study by ATTOM Data Solutions (formerly RealtyTrac) revealed that buyers who closed on January 19 paid, on average, 9.6% above the estimated market price. And in case you're thinking that we're just sweet-talking you to finally close on that home deal, the results are backed by data of 32 million home sales compiled from the years 2000 to 2015. Researchers compared premiums paid over estimated market price and found today to be the worst day (and the best to be October 8, in case you're curious).

For the record, however, that today being the worst day to buy a home is not because of a jinx or a curse laid upon by an evil home seller on all home buyers, past, present, and future. The study suggests that the schedule of your home shopping (and not your...

Things You Need to Know about Mortgage Rate Locks and Cheap Home Loans

Mortgage Rate Locks and Cheap Home LoansSafety and security are two things that we value in all aspects of life. And safety and security also apply when it comes to getting home loans, too. This article is about mortgage rate locks and why you need to know about them when buying a home.

What is a mortgage rate lock?

A mortgage rate lock is a commitment by a lender to give you a home loan at a specific interest rate, provided you close on your home in a certain period of time (which is typically 30 days from when you’re approved for your...

Things You Need to Know About Backup Offers

Picture this: You’ve been house hunting for ages and finally find the home of your dreams. The only problem is, it’s already under contract with another buyer. Yet your real estate agent says there’s still hope. Enter, the backup offer. But what exactly is the backup offer, and is it worth waiting in the wings for a home that’s already taken?

It helps to learn exactly how it works. As a buyer, you make an offer just as you would if you were the first interested party, negotiating until you reach terms and a contract with the seller. If the first deal falls through for any reason, you’re next in line to get the house.

Benefits of the backup offer for buyers (and sellers)

Although it might seem like a long shot, the backup offer actually has a reasonable chance of scoring you a home. Deals fall through for all kinds of reasons, so if you’re in the backup position, you’ll lock things in and keep a home from going back...

Hot New Listing! 1215 Woodhollow Cv

Cedar Park TX Home for Sale

Beautifully finished residence on coveted cul de sac lot. Uniquely featuring upstairs bonus room, huge bedrooms and space for any lifestyle, 3-car garage, &extended driveway. Backyard w/ ample space next to pool, hot tub, porch & deck perfect for year-round entertainment! Upgrades include exterior painting, new solar screens, & interior fixtures. Fantastic floor plan, open concept kitchen opens to grand family room This property lacks for nothing!

Cedar Park TX Home for Sale Cedar Park TX Home for Sale...

Hot New Listing! 7800 Southwest Pkwy #2014

7800 Southwest Parkway Unit 2014 Austin Home Condo for SaleGorgeous SW Austin condo, kept in immaculate condition by owners located in safe, gated community w/ swimming pool. Enjoy study area, 2 full dining areas & screened in patio, perfect places to both entertain and relax. Coveted end-unit location on property makes this unit a unique investment for aspiring Austenite. Great for any lifestyle, maintenance-free-living, with amazing location close to Barton Springs Mall and downtown Austin!

7800 Southwest Parkway Unit 2014 Austin Home Condo for Sale 7800 Southwest Parkway Unit 2014 Austin Home Condo for Sale...

Say Hello to 2017's Color of the Year: Greenery

Lee_Eisemann Pantone Color of the Year 2017 GREENERY

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2017 symbolizes new beginnings. Welcome the coolest color of the year (in more ways than one!): a refreshing and revitalizing shade-- Greenery.

The zesty yellow-green and fresh shade reminds you of the first days of spring. This year's top color is all about nature's colors that "revive, restore, and renew." Seeing Greenery reminds you of spring foliage and the colorful masterpiece of the great outdoors, making you want nothing else but breath in the freshness to invigorate your exhausted selves.

As a nature neutral, Greenery is appealing to everyone who wants to connect with the natural beauty of the world, even...

Top Home Design Trends for 2017

Industry professionals always look forward to the start of the year when the latest interior decor trends are made known to the public. And since that time of year has arrived (and coincidentally, we've gotten a little tired with 2016's styles and we're just about ready to say goodbye), here are 2017's Home Design Trends that you might want to incorporate into your home improvement projects this year.

Compiled by, here are the home styles and interior designs that will dominate the most fashionable of homes this 2017: 

1. Geometric patterns

Gentle curves as sooo out-- and funky geometric patterns are what's in! This design is best used on your wallpaper, but if you don't want to risk or spend too much, geometric-patterned throw pillows and planters can give you the 2017 style accent you need to modernize your room. If you're worried that the new patterns won't fit the "old style" of your home, don't be: Geometrics can easily match up to your existing...

New Texas Laws You Should Be Aware of

The 84th Texas Legislature has passed three laws that began to take effect across the state last January 1. If you live in Texas, then this blog post is a must-read for you:

House Bill 257

The act, authored by Rep. Marsha Farney, R-Georgetown, prohibits "a justice or judge from owning any voting stock in a business entity that owns, manages or operates a private correctional or rehabilitation facility."

The act also decreases the amount of voting stock permitted from 10% ($15,000) of fair market value to none. The bill analysis presented to the Texas Legislature explains: "The parties contend that it is a conflict for a justice or judge to have any direct investment at all in these facilities and assert that the threshold value for what constitutes such a direct investment should be removed.”


Traffic Update: I-35 Turnaround Bridge at 51st to Close Starting this Weekend

Southwest Austin traffic advisory:

Commuters are advised to consider alternate routes or prepare for longer travel time if their regular commute traverses through the I-35 turnaround bridge at 51st Street. The said roadway is part of the Texas Department of Transportation's Mobility35 improvement efforts.

The closure will be placed on Sunday, January 8, 8 p.m. Road signs have been previously placed in the area to alert drivers of the upcoming road construction.

Those who will use I-35 are requested to be patient with the longer travel time, as commuters heading southbound have to use the signalized intersection at 51st Street to go north on I-35. The reconstruction effort of the bridge aims to realign the said roadway with the new roundabout configuration designed for 51st St. The target completion date for the I-35 improvement plan is early April 2017. City officials are eager to...

Home Maintenance To-Do's for January

There is one general rule on home upkeep that can save you thousands of dollars each year: home maintenance is ALWAYS cheaper than home repair. Here is a list of home maintenance tasks you have to do this January (in spite of the bitter cold and the draining holidays that just recently ended, we know!) IF you don't want to end up spending more on your home:

1. Clean up after the holidays

The days of endless parties are over, and it's time to clean up. Starting with your Christmas decor, remove your holiday lights and wrap them around a rod or hanger to keep them from tangling. Strip your tree of all the decor and bring it out to your compost pile (for Austin residents, you have this option, too!).

You also have to clean up the kitchen from top to bottom, and conclude with setting the oven to self-clean, then wiping...

Post-Holiday Cleanup Tips: How to Recycle Your Christmas Trees

It's sad that the holidays are over, but what makes them special is that we can always look forward to their arrival every year. So, don't cling on to your holiday decor and start the cleanup! If you have no idea how to dispose of your real Christmas trees, the city of Austin might just have a solution for you.

Austin residents who receive recycling pickup services can simply set them on the curb for coordinated disposal. Trees that are over 6-ft tall need to be cut in half and set on the curb by 6:30 a.m.

Residents who are not curbside customers, on the other hand, can drop off their trees at the Zilker Park Polo Fields, 2100 Barton Springs Road, Austin from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the following dates:

  • December 31
  • January 7
  • January 8

The collected trees and yard trimmings will be composted in an effort to keep out over 20,000 trees from entering landfills annually.

However, if you would like to dispose of your Christmas trees in this manner, please remember...