Bloomberg Names Austin as a Winner in Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge

Mike Bloomberg recently named Austin as a winner in Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge. The Climate Challenge is designed to deliver on America’s Pledge and help keep the United States in the Paris Agreement.

Austin, among other cities, was chosen as winners in a two-year acceleration program that will provide powerful new resources and access to cutting-edge support to help meet or beat their near term carbon reduction goals. The American Cities Climate Challenge is a $70 million dollar program designed to catalyze efforts to reduce climate change and keep the U.S. in the Paris Agreement.

Each Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge winner is provided technical assistance and a support package worth up to $2.5 million to help them achieve their carbon reduction goals. Resources include a philanthropy-funded team member to facilitate the development and passage of high-impact policies, training for senior leadership to assist with implementation of their proposed climate plans, and citizen engagement support to maximize community buy-in.

“Austin is fighting hard to mitigate climate change, from investing heavily in wind and solar energy production, to approving a 100-year strategic water plan that conserves precious resources,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler said. “And as a winner of the American Cities Climate Challenge, we’ll go even further to reduce emissions and promote a healthier environment for our residents.”

Austin will use the money from the Climate Challenge to cut back transportation emissions by advancing new innovative incentive programs to encourage commuting, new parking, and work with local dealerships to increase electric cars.

If you’re looking for more information on what this grant will mean for the Austin community give us a call or check out the full article here. If your looking to cut back yourself, we know of many eco friendly homes that we’d love to show you!

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