Kitchen Remodeling Projects That Pay Off

Home renovations are pretty expensive. But kitchen redo’s are simply just a whole different level. Not only does a homeowner have to worry about changing the décor and theme, but also vamping up the features of the kitchen to suit the home’s occupants or the new homebuyer’s tastes. If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project to raise your home’s value for selling, take a look at these kitchen remodeling projects featured by’s new series, “Renovations that Really Pay Off”.

The trick to kitchen renovations, advises, is to be choosy with what kitchen project to spend money on, list down improvements that can wait, and generally operate based on a strict renovation budget. Here are some kitchen projects that may not be as expensive as tearing out the whole thing to replace it with an ultra-high-tech kitchen, but may just be as effective in enticing a home buyer to buy your property:

Upgrade your appliances. Real estate pro Al Cannistra says that new appliances such as a refrigerator, stainless-steel dishwasher, and stove, “have a strong pull with home buyers.” Updated appliances in the kitchen often successfully get the attention of prospective buyers, as compared to old kitchen appliances that somehow make homebuyers feel turned off with the property.

TIP: To limit costs, Justin Riordan, founder of Spadde and Archer Design Agency, advises homeowners to “keep the appliances and plumbing where they are because the rule of thumb is to add $5,000 each time you relocate either.”

Revive your cabinets. Instead of investing in a $10,000 cabinet set for your kitchen, why not simply give your good ol cabinets a face-lift by replacing the cabinet’s hardware and/or painting them a new color?

TIP: Tracy Kay Griffin, designer for HGTV’s “Get It Sold”, advises homeowners that “If you have existing wood cabinets that are still in decent shape, instead of completely re-facing them, give them a fresh coat of paint.”

Install charging stations. The modern American family is often in need of an outlet where they could charge their smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. In an annual trend report by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, remodelers reported that most of their clients requested for the installation of a charging station in the kitchen specifically for gadget use.

TIP: A common way to do this is to modify drawers and cabinets to add hidden power strips.

New countertops.  A new countertop can have a big impact on the look of the kitchen. But instead of the all-time favorite granite, quartz countertops are the new “in” thing. Erin Davis, co-owner of Mosaik Design & Remodeling in Portland, Oregon, says that a new countertop “provides an opportunity to install a new glass or subway backsplash for additional punch.”

TIP: To minimize renovation costs, you may just install a 4-inch high splash out of the same countertop material.

Wood floors. The National Kitchen and Bath Association report also shows that the most popular choice for kitchen flooring is wood. This is advantageous for homeowners; wood floors average $9-$12 per square foot- a lot cheaper than tile flooring.

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