How to Improve Your Real Estate Service with Ricky Cain's 'Plant, Grow and Crush Your Geographic Farm'

Ricky Cain's Plant Grow Expand Your Geographical FarmCain Realty Group is thankful for the trust it has been bestowed by its loyal clients in Austin. From a simple husband-and-wife duo wanting to break into the local real estate scene, Ricky Cain and his wife Kodikay's efforts have eventually grown into one of the most trusted home buying and home selling teams in the area-- Cain & Co., or what is now called Cain Realty Group.
With its phenomenal success, many people tend to measure Cain Realty Group with the number of homes they get to sell and the number of buyers they get to assist with home purchase. And with last year's sales totalling $34,000,000, it's easy to see why other realtors get easily impressed. But that is what separates Ricky Cain's team from other realtors in the area. Instead of measuring in dollars, the founders of the real estate team have used client satisfaction and the humongous amount of referrals they have received from satisfied clients as the ultimate metric that measures the team's performance and success.   
Ricky's ultimate goal has always been to set the bar of excellent real estate service provided to his clients in Austin and the greater Texas area, and he has successfully delivered. And in an effort to extend this knowledge to fellow realtors in the area, Ricky has created a class especially for agents that help explain why and how he does what he does, and why he thinks it is a success for him (with sales to show). 
The first class of his "Plant, Grow and Crush Your Geographic Farm" was held last September 26 at the Georgetown Market Center. The learning-filled event was an avenue where Ricky shared to fellow agents his unorthodox approach to the real estate business and why he deems real estate service with a heart is a sustainable business model. Sharing techniques and approaches that would help other realtors reach out to their clients more effectively, the classes aim to disseminate Ricky's style and philosophy in doing business in real estate-- to put the clients interests to heart, and see your business grow as a result.  
Are you working in the real estate business? Are you tired of simply measuring your success according to your commission? Ricky's class may just be what you need to freshly look at things from a different perspective.  
For more information regarding Ricky's classes, you may reach out to us by calling (512) 522-4659 or by sending us a message here.
And, we are hiring! are you looking to be part of an awesome real estate team? Our company is growing, and we need more people to grow with! Please click here for a complete list of available positions; you might just be the rockstar we've been waiting for!

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